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And The Lord Said To Noah Come Thou And All Thou House

                               BY: APOSTLE P. A. BRADFORD
                                               WR. 1992-1996
Herenton Egan Lowd IV,  Evacuate Us !
THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2017
     And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Starring
Herenton Egan Lowd III and Kyefer Berlyn Nollel, Herenton Egan Lowd IV and Joslyn Ameka Bellows, Kylpe Elfin Lowd and Sophia Ireland Harrison, Kegan Berlin Noellel and  Tyson Edward Wells

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy
 Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd III, Tyson Dimitri McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead  

The Intermission, From,

      -Je suis (I Am, We Are), Jesus Christ, North Korea: Pastor Killed, VOM partner Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol, 49, was brutally murdered on Saturday, April 30, in Changbai, China. Born in China, he pastored a Three-Self Church near the North Korean border and helped countless North Koreans come to know Christ. He leaves behind a wife, a son and a daughter.
     -Pastor Han reportedly left his church building in Changbai at 2 p.m. on April 30. His body, mangled beyond recognition, was discovered at 8 p.m. He had been repeatedly stabbed in his stomach and his head had been hacked with an axe. All of his personal belongings, including his cell phone, were stolen. He is believed to have been killed by North Koreans, who likely returned to North Korea following the attack, see more here,

The American Horror Story, Playing God, With Weapons of Mass Destruction
     The American horror story, design as the worse mass shooting on American soil, a young Islamic, American born male by the name of Mateen, went on a shooting spree in a gay club it seem, slaying 49 and leaving 53 injured, meaning he shot over a hundred people.
     It's said he first called 911 to swear his allegiance to Islamic terrorist before he did, now the nation is being forewarn how other such the like attacks. Horribly of which I've been seeing for decades, now even 911 are being planned, and staged. Though this is America, the ultimate  at being expert at playing Russian Roulette with God, I mean they’re only surprised and made alarmed when somebody actually dies from this foolishness.
     Thinking back to the economic disaster deem Enron, 01.02, Holy Spirit labeled an attack that killed many people were to drop their pensions, (all their worldly planning) and head for the hills. I guess the nation has been in a form of domino effect, of every aspect every since, they just couldn’t see it nor believe it, come what may they say, until it actually does and without Christ, they can't stand, can't.
     Soon, all that is authentic Christianity, having done nothing but warn them these last since Christ’s Cross, 2000 years of  it, regardless they get the blame for these evils.  We’re sitting ducks of those viciously and violently armed by their own brand of religion, that these various towers of babel are their most deadly. At it's expert danger of man taking of the human being, the blood and creating his own brand of  it, but without Christ Jesus as head. Where only by Him is man lead, all that’s ahead, are men performing this curse of their chaotic selves, this forever developing holocaust, after another, thank God for His Love, awake! Apb, The RAM        


                               BY: APOSTLE P. A. BRADFORD

                                               WR. 1992-1996
                                    Featuring The Aqua Juttah

Regan Central Dreams

Unto  Herenton Egan Lowd III and Kyefer Berlyn Nollel was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd IV, a second son Kylpe Elfin Lowd and a daughter Kegan Berlin Nollel          

             …And The Lord Said To Noah Come Thou And All Thou House
                                                        Scene I
     “Excuse me, you’re climbing in through the window but you and dad have an understanding," as one closing off his communicating of research, bouncing into the bed right next to him, relaxing under warm covers.  "Just what’s the name of that bridge across town you’re to sell me as well? Just keep it down,” clearing his feet just right, at arriving in the shared with his younger brother Kylpe room, beginning his undressing instantly, Herenton the fourth couldn’t believe the lengths he’d been brought to regarding this single female in particular. “I just pray Joslyn appreciate all that you do to disrespect her father’s wishes, there is no disrespect here, only my brother as you tell yourself that. Joslyn is dating you against both her mother and father wishes, how is it not disrespecting them? Then have you even considered what you’re to do about being relocated to New Africa, have you guys even discussed it? Of course we’ve discussed it," now his shoes, socks, and into bed without his parents notice, no infraction, now to get to sleep. "Sometimes Kay it’s all we talk about, I won’t leave without her, she know that, we’re going to marry and when we do, there’s no preventing us, no reason Kylpe to keep us apart. Marry, you’re talking the Juttah vows right? Right and you, what about you, what about Soap, are you going to just abandon her? I don’t  know if I’m ready for marriage and what Henry will soon follow, parenthood, have you even considered that? Yes, though what else Kay is there?  We’re entering into a life where that most neglected is now superior, and that thought superior, that western civilization made us think was superior is now dwindling or grinding down to nothing, to complete blackness and uselessness, to have a mate, to take a mate and cherish that mate was always first thing, always, the first thing Elohim said was to come of Adam and Eve's procreation, you remember that?     >>>"Tyson Wells huh, you like him enough to marry him? I think Kay that’s love," as one removing her design pencils from his meddling in her personal things about, knowing him "and yes, I love him enough to marry him." As one having the darkest, most curious of eyes, piercing, long, cascading down her black hair, really lessen lips, and the mildest of features about them, his, Kylpe's only sister.  "So when are you going to introduce this ideal to father? The Night of the Promise, just as you will of Sophia, so what do you know? I know Kay she is the one you like the most, that if you was to consider marriage, there is none other.  How is it sister that you know? I just do, I’m off to help mom with dinner, it is my time, you best join dad and Henry and make sure dad understand your plans for including her. He said one night, we don’t know which night, we will grab our belongings and be gone, dad said it is like that anyway, anytime we leave home, all we're reduced to is whatever possessions we have on us right then.  He, he, dad told you that? No, he told Moma and Moma told me, he has been commanded by God, we will leave this beast nation, I know it, so if you’re to seal her Kylpe now is this time, delay will be futile, now go, go, with all these silly questions."      >>>”You nervous about tomorrow, about meeting with the Lowds? Aren’t you? I could Phearce ask  you the same thing,” seeing he’s to move off quite perturbed at her inquiry, did Regan Central know this would be the hardest thing they’re to do, with her having literally aching doubt.  “You know Rig, no one is forcing you right? You can change your mind, to be honest I’m more concern about going under and what’s that to reveal as far as Rome is concern, I could Phearce be a good or enemy of a witness. To be my darling equally honest," with haste coming into a hand, even a slight kiss of her, them, this edible perfume, as always this wondrous assurance. "I don’t believe Rig you’re going to remember anything other than what Roman Neal testified, it just all make sense. Herenton for reasons I think I understand snapped, he paid horribly for it and here we are Rig trying to maintain this sane existence through all of it. Sacrificing this now wondrous seed of horrors sown, heartily regrettable it’s as truth verifies, the lest we can do, yes? Yes, my darling man, yes," seeing her as one wiping her checks, her nose, thinking how perfectly placed in the canons of divine memoirs Phearson Mycal McPhearson most expert revelation of these most impossible feats, to God, alone the praise and glory indeed be.

                                                    Regan Central, Our Father In Heaven                                                                                          Scene II   

     “Father,  the only way I’m to understand this unmerited grace out of such a horrid reaping of faithlessness is Christ alone hath gotten us all this indescribable for all of eternity victory, thus not to lean unto our own understanding, this fertile quest of rebellious man. Then you give me him, this inconceivable of a holy man, not to be or practice vainglory I know where I would be without him.”  A praying Regan Central not realizing, but sitting the floor, laying his head into the door post, eyes leaking closed, a smitten heart conjoin to hers, husband was as usual this close. “I fret father I admit, you knowing this heart, you once having given it, but not as fear, for fear is the penitentiary where marshaled at their contrived gates are damning fallen angels. But faith Father, Christ, though it too is a reformatory, it is a true, wondrous freedom of choice guarded and commanded by you of Holy Spirits, this strait gate, path to you, even to our Prince King, I read somewhere, Prince of peace. Somehow and as usual you’ve taken that desecrating the heart and by divine soil, it’s neutralizing blood revised to us a son, a Herenton Egan Lowd the III, so proud of him are parents Phearson Mycal McPhearson and Regan Central Whitehead, as always and forever trusting in all that you do, all glory and honor father be to you. Deliver our soul from the sword, our darling from the power of the dog,  save us from the Lion’s mouth, for thou hast heard us from the horns of the unicorn, Amen precious father, amen.” That when she had finished praying, did she tip toe as discreetly back into the room, calmly eased into the bed, where a pretending to slumber Phearson did lay topside, with her need be, being under protective covers, and gently laid her head into a soothing breath of her pillow even having this slightest smell of him, fully hoping she’d not by him, been detected, so beautiful for situation as always, Regan Central Whitehead, McPhearson.
                                                   Into The Ark…
                                                       Scene III
     'That’s just it Henry, I don’t know if we want our son to be part of a family who doesn’t want him, I think I’ve decided, if we’re to go, I want to take Sophia Harrison with me.  Just like that Kylpe, you feel free to take someone’s daughter, the both of you, you Henry as well?  The chances they will see them again is remote, father, mother please,  don’t, don't worry my sons, we will visit both houses, we will persuade them our way and all will be well concerning this matter from this time farther. Now Henry please, I told your mother I would do a salad, so I'm off with her, father,  you are certain? I’m certain I promised your mother, it will be a waste land, not one church, government nor house is to be left upon another. For whatever vain joy, son, gladness and gain it by spilling blood awarded the people will be cast upon them a bitterness double or triple it’s worth, much sorrow approaches; it is as seeded in her soil as the weight of blood guiltiness. So much so Henry, all the nation should be migrating into the four corners south east, where the land meet the ocean, now I got to help your mother. Though if you alert them father, I will surely lose her, lose Joslyn, Kylpe his girl as well, they will place her on lock down, perhaps get the authority involved, you’re contemplating kidnapping son, regarding  the breaking of what laws father?. “Just be honest father and tell us what you think, it is better that we take wives or wait to be possibly joined to someone of New Africa? I can tell you for a certainty if I had to face this decision at your age, I never would’ve left your mother, I would have risked everything, even my life before leaving her behind.  Thank you dad,” gripping a shake of one hand, with a saluting hand to his dad’s shoulder, those piercing eyes to dad’s eyes, was this exactly what Herenton needed to hear, even brother Kylpe, they wouldn’t leave without the women that they loved. “I know what you’re about to do, I won’t son try and stop you, but you know you got your sister just as wired up about all of this.  I think father you’re to know how Noah must of felt, yeah, well Kylpe son, good comparison, Noah had all sons.  If you’re asking dad what I think? I believe Keke know what she’s doing, that you can trust this guy, ____this guy? Ty, ah Tyson Wells, I don’t know, I think dad you do know, you just don’t want to, you know, accept, ____you damn right, she’s barely fifteen , and this guy as you say, I don’t know him from Adam. Well, what I know dad is that he’s really crazy about Keke, I think he’ll do her well, I know son you have to go, but have either of you considered what you gonna do once either of them become home sick, there’s no coming back here, do they fully understand? Good evening to dinner dad, thanks, I love you, we love you and I’ll see you and mom later, ok, sons, but make it an early night, we have a lot of stocking up to do, I will dad, Ky and I both.      >>>“We say the Juttah vows," as one prancing her happy go reflection, even the proposed wedding garment of it, did Joslyn Ameka Bellows think herself good and ready, even to consummate those covenant vows. "Once I’m with husband and child there is then Becca nothing they can do,  ___it's just that I don’t know Josh, you know, whether that’s Ludacris or genius. I mean you really have to be positive, there is no going back, no changing your mind, I know ok, I’ve considered all of that, so much could go wrong I know, even Henry, but it won’t. Henry and I are not being foolish, but wise, Holy Spirit wise, I want to be his wife for as long as that is, and he my husband and this is the only way.  If my parents Becca were believers like Henry's, they would more than understand, but they’re not, I thought your parents believed in God. Yea, well, so did I," again as one modeling her best dress in the mirror, wondering though it highlighted  her figure just right, a tall, stunning, blue eyed blonde,  ____"but not enough to live and design their wills to coincide with his, a lot of people Becca believe in God, but not enough to live for Him which is Jesus Christ.  So how you like this one? To be honest I like the design of the last dress, but the color of this one, I like this color as well, I think this is the one, the future Mrs. Joslyn Ameka Lowd will be wearing this dress. Herenton is a third generation, will you the future Mrs. Lowd keep with tradition and name your first son Herenton as well? We haven’t really discussed it but whatever he’s to like I guess, it won’t matter to me one way Becca or another, I’ll have what I always wanted, I’ll have Herenton Egan Lowd as my forever beloved.

            …For You Have I Seen Righteous Before Me In This  Generation…
                                                         Scene IV

     …”Pinch me, lest I perish,” babe, hey babe, wha, what!" As one squinting eyes lessen by the lamp light, at tasting and testing a dry tongue, mouth, was a stunning wife, Celeste, standing over him, waking him and Oh god why now? “Mr. Coogan called, said you need to be in their office in less than an hour, so get up, shower, I have breakfast ready, …and work? There’s no way Rome I’m to concentrate with all this, so I took off, now hurry, hurry, ___did I say something? Raised into his elbows a curious inquiry at her, "I think, something about pinch you, yes, pinch me lest I perish, yeah,” as an assisting wife in the closet after his best garments, his most proficient suite, neither of them knew what it meant. "Go, go, ok, I’m going but what do you think it mean? Well, where you dreaming?  ___Perhaps, ...we’ll figure it later right? Right,  you in the diner a few minutes, all dressed and ready right, right, yes, yes, ready.”     >>>”I absolutely love that color on you, thanks,” with her face along sipping the last of  her cup, today was literally as welcome and as dreaded as those court testimonies, “what, what is it?” As one investing herself all around, thinking something was wrong, that she’d perhaps soiled herself, the way husband Phearson, his glance literally stayed on her. “Nothing, I’m sorry,” as to come again to himself, was he privately thinking, even imagining what a stunning wife in his bed she would one day be. “It’s nothing of course, only that you look flawless and I’m having a hard time Rig keeping my eyes, even my hands, even if I’m allowed to say, off of you. You did Phearson come quite close to me last night, I know, I could no longer,” with nearing emotions in his voice, along stinging his nose, his eyes, all to brush, sniff and breath them all away. "Just, ah Rig, please, please tell me there was no alarm there,, no darling man, peace be still, there is not a day I don’t thank the savior for you Phearce, and your patience, as soon as our son is born, perhaps then I will cease to be so concern. Just know, the feeling is mutual, I assure you, mutual, are you telling me what I think you’re telling me, yes, indeed, I shall say Phearce, I am, ah we better dress, get out, or we’ll be late, ___as you say, sweet lady, as you say.      >>>"Wow, that's great timing you two, we should be receiving an affidavit in less than an hour regarding Regan's psychological report and whether or not it's permissible. Then Mr. Lowd we only have like thirty minutes to present it with you to the Lowd's prosecuting attorneys, which is why I need you here, standing by. You Mr. Whitehead is a spiritual man, please Rome, call me South Lee, I tried that, it doesn't work, you guys are just too prestigious, ah, I think I see.  I had this," as one taking a minute, unable to know, how all around the offices of Coogan and Whitehead where being for lack of a better description, uprooted, ah dismantled, "ah you guys ahhh, remodeling? Yeah, sort of , I guess you can say," as one anxious to shut a door, even a window that it's to be less of a notice, which made the two all the more curious. "I'm just saying Rig haven't said anything, you Celeste, I mean have Rig said anything? No, no she haven't, that's because she possibly doesn't know, it's too act  as a manner of surprise, ___well pinch me lest I perish, I'm sorry, that was the voice in my head as I awaken this morning, pinch me lest I perish, you have any ideal Mr. Coogan what it at all may mean? Ah, Rome, I always thought someone saying pitch me, mean they're celebrating a situation and don't want it to be a dream, or something they can then wake from, hoping it's permanent, wouldn't you Celeste," a notice she's to move to a better view of the window, could she as well see, their entire firm was wearing a business for sale sign, "agree? Yes, of course I would, so where are we relocating too? As I said Rome, if it's to be a surprise for Regan Central, wouldn't I be letting the cat out of the bag so to speak if I tell her best of friends? So the for sale sign is a part of the charade no doubt? No doubt Mrs. Neal, as you say, all is as it should be, and if my sister ask, please tell her the same all as a favor to me, for sure, you being so kind, for sure we will, we can."     >>>"Now Regan, I want you to relax into a close of your eyes, and when you doze off, it will be as though you’re dreaming, remember your last day with Herenton, your loving fiancé,  ---do you have to, shhh," forewarning attending husband, and Regan’s eldest brother, North Lee for now, only for now, had the flight from Richmond to New York City, seem everlasting, knowing what they all could be facing, either’s Rome’s innocence, or a life imprisonment of Regan memories finding him guilty.  “You two now, come with me, we can watch her from the examination room, window here, let me warn you, it may be hard to see her like this, or hear what may be cries or screams of desperations considering what she may remember. There may be times you’ll want to run to her, but Phearson, even you North Lee, you can’t, she, even we must do this. So dear husband, I said what I said to her, so she would know, what memories were most important, even as they’re hardest, surely Dr. Coogan, I knew that, it just wasn’t so easy hearing it, that’s all.  Well, I have a few appointments, you can get me at the push of this button, and I’ll be right here, just remember whatever happen you can’t disturb her, she may get dehydrated that is what the needle, the drops going into her arm is for. With no harm to the unborn right? Right, I wouldn’t, rather this would've waited until after delivery, but I was reassured by specialist, there would be no cause for alarm here.  “She’s beginning to swarm about, which North Lee is completely normal, now you sure you can take this?If not, you can both wait in the office, no, being here, is like being with her, so I’ll stay, yes dock, I as well.      >>>"I told you he’s not here," responding to a highly volatile Herenton Egan III, tearing into the house, even up the stairs this angry, even the mad man, right after their father.  "Look just calm down, look at me," tall, muscular, even a potential wrestler, this bulk, as his father before him had been, even his younger brother.  "He and mom went for supplies,  she’s gone ok, Josh is gone,  gone Kye man,  just like I told dad, they took her," bursting into teary, eyes, nose, all running down. Along him spinning off, even horribly into a seat, wondering mightily, how in God's name would he fix this? Vowing still he wouldn't leave without her, "I knew they would,  you talked to Sophia? No, not since last night, look I know dad, he’ll work this out, how Kye man, they’ve taken her ok, by now they could be anywhere in or out of this country.  Then don’t see it like that, if she is yours Henry, nothing, no power remember separates us from what Supreme has for us, now I’ll call Soap, you, you calm down. I know both of our fathers, on this earth and in heaven, and when you're not consumed with fear, you know them too, and they'll both Henry work this out, ____ok, ok, I'll breath and call on peace stillness, good, you do that, I'll be right back."

For yet Seven Days and I will cause it to rain  upon the earth forty days and forty Nights…
                                                                  Scene V
     "Hey you guys," soon hugging, shaking their hands, even Roman Neal and his wife, Regan’s best friend Celeste was there, “so it’s over, no, ah god I wish," as those detecting the emotions in  his voice, along his staggering into a seat, this amazing young man to them still. How if Herenton Egan had been a curse, then was Phearson McPhearson, just as so, or more this blessing, "I just couldn’t take anymore, you can tell she’s living the worse nightmare ever all over again, I had to get out, I couldn’t take it. Will you guys just pray with me, yeah," bringing them all into a gracious huddled seeming there was none to hesitate, but just as Phearson asked, they all readied to bowed their heads, just as soon hearing Phearson say, “our father which art in heaven, hallowed be they name, you loving father, and protector, know how important  Regan is to me, to all of us, I am a man in love, I’ve died, suffered it’s cross, to become a husband and now a father, she need you now heavenly father, as she endure even greater this sacrifice of hers, all to show her loving brother Rome, and sweet friend innocence, so we father pray peace be still for her all through this, peace be still as well, for little Henry, amen.   …..amen they all said…  Wow Phearce man, how you learn to pray like that? I didn’t learn anything Rome, I bow my head, and I pray by faith to the one God loving and powerful enough to grant me my heart’s desire, even Rome if I, if either of us, don’t know what that is."     >>>"Son! Finding son Herenton this devastated, running and crying on his father’s shoulders at first, believing just as brother Klype reassured, he would fix this.  “Hey, hey, shhh, we’ll find her, hey look at me, ok, we’ll find her, we’ll pray and holy spirits will lead the way, ok, …ok, father, you believe what I say, I do father,  assuredly as the Supreme trust you. Ok, ok, now I need you and Klype’s help, we got the last of the supplies, I think we have enough food for the visiting animals, we need to get them to the dock, so everything will be locked and loaded when the father say it’s time, yes, father," as one wiping a now chilled tear from his cheek, the last for now, believing his father, as usual, made everything better.  "Good day everybody, good day to you as well there Tyson Wells,  perfect timing, so where we going? Ah to fill your arms with something worth doing is all I can tell you for now,” with all of them piling into a loaded truck, this quiet, knowing there was no talking to his parents, Tyson left them a note, what, why, where, that he thank them for everything, pray for him as usual, be blessed.”     >>>”It is done, it is finished,” as one leading them all into her office, to explain, taking a moment to allow them all in, "though there will be further investigations of these findings by the Lowds attorneys, it would appear by my own, that both Regan and Mr. Copeson are telling the truth. Mr. Lowd  was deceased upon Mr. Copeson arrival,  then pinch me least I perish,” falling immediately into his wife’s arms, this mammoth celebration, along a hand sake, after hand sake, again this heighten merriment.  “So how is Rig, when can I go to her? Regan as you all would suspect is a bit shaken up, she’s stabilizing and don’t wish to be disturbed right now, I say give it an hour or two.  Go to lunch, revel as needed, by the time you return she’ll be ready, I’m sure of it.  Mr. McPhearson, a word alone, I’ll catch up with you guys, you seem concern dock, ah, because I am, just a little, ah, Regan remembers wrestling with Herenton, causing them both to fall, hit his head, leaving him dead, what? That doesn’t, what did, now do you really Mr. McPhearson want me to repeat that? But you just said, I said Regan’s clarity about Mr. Copeson was sound,  she was so violated and enraged and it happen so fast, she completely blocked it out of her head. I mean, clearly it was self-defense as everyone will see, does she know this, now I mean?  Regan now know and remember every detail of what happen that day, in that bathroom, supposed dock she always have and that is why she’s to pass little Henry off to them, this guilty. No, no, I don’t believe that, Regan is right now suffering through another form of mental degradation, it’s plainly obvious now knowing what actually happen to Herenton,  ___because of a brutal rape correct? Ah, yes, most definite, the most heartless, Mr. Phearson, the most heartless, so much so I’m sure the Lowds attorney will make lite of what truly happen, as she acted out in self-defense, now go, go join the others, …don’t I need to go to her? No, you don’t, give her this time, so do I tell her brothers? No, let her, when she’s ready, I’ll give her time, before I share this evidence, good evening dock, thank you, bless you. good evening Phearson, blessed day to you as well. ”
         …And Noah did according unto all that the Lord Commanded Him….
                                                         Scene VI
     "Ok Henry, turn around really, really slowly, ____look, stop playing, I don’t feel like playing, plus there's no time for it,  ___ ah, you probably should," was a curious looking Tyson Wells by a curious awareness shooting past straight him, joining in. Ok, ok, I’ll, ah my Christ," finding himself, astonished, but standing behind him, awaiting him, was wife to be Joslyn Ameka looking as beautiful as could be, not just her, but her entire family all seem to be packed, as in ready to leave.  "I couldn't find you," rushing her right into his warm, smell, feel good arms, a lovely inviting, safe kiss,  hardly the wait, here the miracle.  "What is this? They’re all going, your father said it’s ok, my father? Yes, he found us, which seem impossible, he told my parents what’s coming, that’d he’d set aside not only a place for me, but for them,” seeing his eyes, fill, spill, as surely as hers, along a strike to his stinging nose, a glance back to see this incredible father, as to catch his agreeing grimace. “Well come, come, let me show you, your quarters, ah each guess room is really like an apartment, bedrooms, baths, kitchens, dining room, everything, everything a person need. So come, come this way Mr.  and Mrs. Noelle, and company, ah Nae,"  meaning Joslyn’s sister, Adonai and Jr. and Jason," her two brothers.  "Welcome," now with father Lowd happily shaking father Noelle hand into a gentle hug of Joslyn's mother, did he lead them his way,  allowing Herenton to lead Joslyn his.   “I know how you feel,  this sweet and bitter, we didn’t tell them," forewarning papa Herenton, how the children only knew, they were going on a long cruise, all the more to keep the trip private. “I understand and I appreciate it, well, no expense has been spared, and you and yours will be more than comfortable, truly father Lowd, this is a miracle; look at this, truly, look at this grand ship you have for us, He Larry, the Supreme hath for us, I'm just obedient, now that is my fault.”        >>>“I’m going to have to tell, them,”  as one not speaking to him in days, but spending a lot of time sulking, crying, clearly he knew why, but that didn’t stop him from seeking doctor’s Coogan advice, that he should give her more time. ”Tell them,” removing a barely eaten plate from the table, if she wasn’t so good at eating fruit, yogurt and some seafood, he would be worried about the unborn. “Herenton’s parents, I think it should come from me and not those attorneys, I didn’t know that you knew I knew, I know, it’s has been written all over you since that day. Almost Phearce like  I’m no longer trustworthy,  no, god no, don’t you, it’s not that I swear, it will Rig never be that, it’s just that it seem every time we’re  to find some matter of calm in this mad puzzle,  ___I attacked, him. I was so angry, I’ve never been that angry in my life, I thought I was slain to those shower waters until Rome found me, but no, I’ve never been that kinda of violent ever before.  It was self-defense, ___it was self-defense Phearson, only after the fact, the attack, so what are you saying? You both felled Rig, you both could've died, none of that would've been so if he'd not attacked you so, so as Dr. Coogan say, it's self defense. I’m a law student remember? Been around  the law all my  life,  they can, and possibly will argue that point, if not manslaughter, possibly a wrongful death accusation. No, no, babe, I can’t see the Lowds honey putting you through that, not after what you’re going through. Now little Herenton growing inside me is a heartbeat and breathing to breath, month to month evidence and countdown to the worse day that ever happen to me, have you ever considered that? Come away with me, let’s go home, the castle, you like it there, just until it’s time, I think it’ll really be good for you, yeah, well I can’t leave the country right now, when it’s settled then, please, promise me, please Rig, ok, I will,  good,  ___good, I’ll get you some warm milk,  thanks, " choked up by nearing emotions barely able to say, boy what a day, even a life so far, death even made all the more sense. "I love You,  ____I love you more,  I’ll be right back to show you.”       
                                 ...And Noah went Into The Ark...                                          
                                                    Scene VII

      “Mother, I’m here boy, what’s the hast? It’s Rig, Regan? She’s here, here? As a curious one pushing back, out, up of her desk, wondering, hoping nothing was wrong, that Regan had not changed her mine.  “Welcome sweet girl,” that happy to go lucky, loving arms, did she like hoister Regan Central right along, into the house, the sitting area. There Regan seeing immediately that others were present, that an overly friendly Mother Lowd wasn’t alone. "Darius, Your father? Ah no mother, he’s not return, well come, come in, you too Mr. McPhearson, what a surprise, please tell me all things are alright,  …they are. Well we heard from the  Attorneys, so they verified everything was, you know,” as to wipe a single spill just under her eye, and the next,  along a  breath, sniff, to get, set emotions again right.  “Yes, that is why I wanted to talk to you, so you did hear that things went as well as they could have? I did, yes, …may I ask is  Bristol here? I see Darius and Kesane are here, I’ll get her,  ...thanks, …ah, can I get you anything Rig, even Mr. McPhearson as we wait? Water Darius, or juice, even some tea, that would be great, I’ll see, I’ll surely see. The truth is Mrs. Lowd I been having these dreams,” as one easing into a seat, noting husband Phearson just stood behind her, not being comfortable as yet. “I’ve been having them for a while, these wondrous dreams, then wake and couldn’t remember any of them, this frustrating thing.  Though Regan, going under,  yes,” hesitating excitedly as it was the first Mrs. Lowd called her that, even sweet girl, meaning healing was setting in, trust, just as need be.  “Yes, exactly, going under as you said, that changed everything, I now know what it is I see, that it’s Henry, ah, this Henry,” as to gently touch her protruding, pregnant belly, all the more getting especially a curious sister Bristol drawing that much closer, attention.  He, Herenton the III, he has a calling on his life similar to that of Noah, I’ve seen his wife, his children,  ...His children? Yes, my grands, and your great grands, I’ve seen them, I even know their names,  ...their names? Did a stun as they all were Bristol come down to a seat next to her,  sitting right across from her mother, her brothers and Phearson, Regan stunner husband standing speechless in the back, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. "I know it's stunning and hard to believe." As with Regan Central as one happily sniffing and brushing away nearing tears, again, this elated to say, to describe.  “Ah he’s married, a Kyefer Berlyn and his first son is Henry the 4,th his second son is Kylpe,   …Kylpe? Ah my God, my, his, my Henry’s grand father name is Kylpe, it’s his father’s Middle name.  God as my witness I didn’t know this, I know darling, I know, you are most trustworthy and little Henry daughter? Kegan Berlin,  ….that’s,” swallowing hard this look of awe, even this staggered mentally,  "that’s, it’s my mother’s name, it's my middle name,  …and Rig, mine,  my name is Bristol Kegan and I’ve never told anyone, nor I,  ...oh my god, oh my God, then it all makes sense, …yes, beautiful girl it always does. Well, I believe it’s a blessed assurance that’s to act as reassurance of the sacrifices of tremendous mercy and love we’re all to make. That’s Rig no more or less than father Abraham face with slaughtering his only son to maintain his covenant with, him, with as you say Rig, Elohim.   How astonishing Phearce, if I’m allowed to call you that, yes Darius please, all of you, I only ask for the same mercy and grace loan this special wife of mine, ah ours.  Forgiveness Phearce said, yes Darius, because genuine love is rooted in forgiveness first where you’re to then find all of mankind so very dear and precious to us all, like our father, God, of course. And His, Henry’s Sons,  yes, the lost of one and the gain  ….…no, no, Mrs. Lowrd you didn’t,  Herenton, your Henry repented,   ...what?  With her heart in one grasp, as so this single breath, this blown away at what she was hearing, Herenton’s repentance, “what girl, what? Yes, he was laying on the floor, blood spilling from under his head , his face toward the ceiling, with what appeared to be as heaven on his face and I heard him say,  God, Jesus, forgive me for this madness, Rig please darling, forgive me and I watched him as he ascended.” Easily before she had finished saying, witnessing this beyond miraculous thing, brother Darius was on his knees, brother Kesean speeding to his breaking down mightily  mother,  sister Bristol increased her grip at laying a crying head, face into a crippled with an alike emotional breakdown, Regan Central, all with a husband Phearson all the more astonished by it all.  “Did I miss the party?” A curious father Lowd walked in on them, this worship, this celebration, he didn’t know, seeing all things above. “He repented,” what? Henry, our Henry, before he took his last breath, Regan heard it, saw it, he ask the Supreme God, Jesus for forgiveness, you are sure of this? “Yes, just as promised, the child of the faithful will return, I saw it, heard it, I watch him ascend, he even visited lately, forewarn us to be gravely aware of  Alien dangers coming to us from above.”  As one flopped into a seat this astonished, blaming himself for losing his son to such the evil, trying to sleep just one night, that's without imagining Him, his Herenton not crying from the pits of hell this damn thing forever.  “You are sure about this? I didn’t appear here today to tell you any of this, …I can witness to that, at most Regan was to apologize for what happen to Herenton, …yes, for my fault in all of it, …your fault, what fault? None of that matter now, mom, dad, my brothers, even my sister, Rig has brought us all healing. She’s seen your  grandson father, he has a calling on him like a Noah, his wife, children, your great grandchildren, she even father know their names. Is that right? It is father,” as one pointedly raising his communicator as this proof, having captured every dear moment of it, every, “and I have it all right here, I hope Rig you don’t mine, no, that’s perfect Kesane, just perfect.  I know of one prophet whose been seeing a mass  exodus out of this county for decades, even a world of it.”  As one raising, coming to her stand, a now come to his senses Phearson, this lovely help, of soon making this their departing. “Even that the Supreme said of her, doing a visit there, even a divine celebration, “that light like the sun from heaven spoke to her and said, “to let his people go,” like a Moses.  So the call upon little Henry as like Noah make all the sense, though instead of escaping flood waters, he’s to escape a world of stampeding people. You said prophet, but make reference to a female, she is actually Maaseiah,  …are you at all certain Regan this was little Henry’s call and not our Herenton before the fall, do you see what I’m asking you? Your dreams are referring to disasters happening right now, by the time of my grands and greats married with their own children Messiah will be reigning into His Millennium by then. O My God, I’m not dreaming about the future, I mean I am and I'm not, more so I’m dreaming about the present now passed, ok, dad, you Regan both just like lost me, us I guess. I Kesane, the rest of you give you these clues, the mass migration about the world, Col. Gaddafi’s attempts at a Untied States of Africa. How that now as we speak there’s an outbreak of the Damater, surely an outbreak of natural disasters, flood rescues in the land, this breaking of the rainbow covenant by indescribable abominations and the chaotic earth's return. I did hear a voice papa lament a few years back, about five more disasters, like a certain, or timely amount has already happen.  It’s my sons, daughters to explain how none of this is going to wait on little Henry, nor his children, it’s for us to do. I am a Herenton, I have two sons and one daughter. I’m an engineer, you too Darius, I, we know exactly what to do, I have dreams too, I’ve known for years, a ship, a cruise ship, even a Carnival. Cleverly, one that transforms into an Ark, that can as well traveled under water, not to avoid floods, but what’s to target us from above, just as our Henry forewarn, I been working on a schematic for years and years.  Ok, am I dreaming this? No my child Regan, you just verified it all, now I know I’m not the only one crazy around here, no offense, …none taken, I assure you, welcome.   ...We Rig better go, ...ah I don’t want you to go, stay here, live here,  that Mrs. Lowd is so tempting but we have other plans. …Other plans!” Causing her and others to break into a jolly, thinking that was such a Regan Central response, so laughable. “Other plans, ah, I like that, you be safe sweet girl, I will, I’ll call you soon, please do, I love you,” that at a nugget of a kiss to her cheek, seeing them right out the door, of this mesmerizing, beautiful for situation visit.  Even how eventful, indeed, mother, daughter coming to a loving rest on her mother’s shoulder, seeing this amazing  woman depart them. Lovingly, what a wonder, even a wonderful joy it all was, a cursive maze all turn this miracle that only God could've ever medicated.

                                            …And His, Noah’s Wife...
                                                    Scene VIII
     "No, no, Ty, his name is Reynolds, the first to be born remember, yeah after that crush of the weather man, right? I should be jealous, yes, of a dead man, America is no more, taking millions with it, that’s millions Key that wouldn’t listen, your father, other prophets tried their best. So this, my second son name is Remington, ah,  ah, like that T. V. guy right, Remington Steele? My mother was so in love with him,  ah my god darling I never thought of that, that will be his middle name,  Reynolds Piers Wells, and Remington Steele Wells, how truly perfect,  …and just think Key, I almost didn’t  get here, they wouldn’t be here and I, we wouldn’t be having this heart-blessed time. You hear that son Reynolds, your dad, fought tooth and nails against it, stayed sick and in bed most of the way here, now look at these two tremendous gifts of reaping Kegan, sore sacrifices divinely sown, yes, yes, now will you please take them out, out with all of you, what is this, how to rain on my parade? Get out husband, let me get some sleep, ok, ok, I got it, we are leaving!"     <<< ”Rig, hey babe,  ahhhh I know," pressing a loving jaw, cheek and kiss to hers, at waking her, to him, to this their arrival, now landing in France, all as she's promised him. "Ahhhh sweetheart I know,  ____ahhh god nall,” as one mourning, stretching and yarning herself awake,  how cruel was her loving husband Phreason, waking her, how cruel was the day lighting up the place? "Ah I was dreaming about twin grandsons arrival, Reynolds and Remington, well speaking of arrival babe, we’re here, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, airport.  "Can’t I just stay, ____here, it’s not like your family can’t afford it, you my love is so delicate, I could just eat you right up and if you don’t, _____ok, ok, don’t bite me, or tickle me, or make none of those other things you do, I’m awake, I’m awake, I am wide awake. Good, because affording it or no, I have better things in stored. That better not be a welcoming party, no, I thought of calling everyone and telling them we’re coming. even that we’re here. Then I said, Regan would kill me, and little Henry would be at the first fatherless, so, no welcoming party. Good, I’m glad you {“no, she died in child birth, remember”}? “Ah entirely, ah thought that out,  …hey, you alright, it’s like your energy, your spirit was suddenly zapped, and Mr. McPhearson know me so, well, I’m dear husband very pregnant, so it like comes and goes. I bet I know the first thing on your mind regarding Castle McPhearson, that gigantic bath, what else Phearce, what else?" Not being able to wipe it from the thoughts of her made panic heart, that odd saying, truly frightening her, was it her, would she die giving birth to little Henry? "I knew it, I just knew it, and you, what’s on your mind, first thing, you? I have Regan Central in Paris, all to myself, all the months that’s left, there is no other prize, which darling, dear remind me, I need to call Mrs. Lowd, in case she hear from another, think I’ve went AWOL, with her first grandson. Yeah, yeah Regan Central, and that’s it, unless there’s an emergency no fraternizing with the enemy, I’m sorry, the enemy? Concerns in America my sweet, concerns in the republic of the A. B. C., ___the A. B. C? It’s how it’s referred to in my dreams, in your dreams, territorial spirits and things. Ah, I didn’t dear sweet husband of my dream know you had them,  America, Britain and Canada, western civilization primary fathers, I guess you can say, anyway, look, look at this place, I know, I know,” as a gentle one with eyes growing skyward, looking at the most special place, city of all cities in the world, all seen, said and noted before, still just as wondrous, majestic as ever. "We are here Rig, our stunning home away from all worries, so you say dear husband, so you say.”     >>>”Dad, ...hey son ...may I come in? I mean, yes, yes, what it is? Did you hear? Please my son," as one staring through a star gaze of a window looking in from above, "you are a grandfather, Key just now gave birth, so it is my son, so it is. So where is your mom, on her way there? Yes, Brist just picked her up, dad, what are you always starring at? All of it boy, all of it, and how one day, something even more beautifully miraculous will replace it, meaning father, new Jerusalem, look whose been reading his bible. Reading it, there are times I can’t put it down, and ah son, lest you forget, Henry the 5th is our first grandson, ah, thanks for that reminder, you are son very welcome.” Not saying anything to husband Phearson, but seeing little Henry, this model caliber of his dad, married with children, even grands, was like seeing how her Henry would've been if things had been as they planned, not so bad. "Speaking of which, when is Sophia due? That’s any day now, any day, and I’m standing and sitting and living on pins and needles waiting. You coming? Your sister has given, don’t you think Bristol told me, so, are you, coming? You have twin nephews, Reynolds and Remington, like the college, and the weather man right? Right I guess, I mean little do I know, come, let’s go see for ourselves, thanks brother but no, I think I’ll stay, wait here. Stop it will you! Stop thinking of just yourself, you have loved ones Henry, parents, siblings, all who care about you, but do you care about them? That’s long enough my brother to forget about yourself, just momentarily, and come and see these gifts the father has brung us, so that’s what that is I’m feeling, selfish, yeah, ok Key, like give me fifteen, shower, and you’re right, I’ll be right there, ok, I’ll fetch Soap, and be right back, father, ah, Henry is coming, you coming? Boy want she be surprised, yes, I’ll go, I’ll reap, and revel this miracle sown, good, ten minutes then, ok," seeing him hop out of that chair, speed away, easing over to take a glance into something his father worshipped, that just to Klype, wasn't that special.
                                                    And His Son Wives
                                                              Scene IX
      "Did I ever  tell you guys, I thought your mom insane," having been in training so to speak for the last three months, learning how to care for his twin sons every need, now this handy indeed. "And that everything  she told me sound like a fantasy, how I was destined to be her husband, America was ending, this exodus, along  into a New Africa,  that as we left the dock that day I thought myself crazy. That I’d lost my mind, but look now to where I’ve found it, these two perfect sons, ten toes and ten fingers each,  so perfect,   ___yeah, just like their perfect uncle, Henry, ah my God Henry!” Giving him a gracious hug, like never in a million years would he even imagine,  pinch me, ah man pinch me,  ___ah, being a new father Ty, I rather not, but very tempting, ah, my god look at them, so stunning, dad is here too, they went one way, I came here. So how did you know this is where I would be? Because my brother it’s where I would be, and they would have to pry them from every drop of my blood flowing through them. I talked to the wife before I left, staying so cozy under that fig tree, she and little Henry the Ah no don’t tell me, Klype already explain them, Reynolds right? Yeah, after your sisters crush of a boyfriend, ok, and Remington, the school she once attended, well that Henry, and my moms most favorite TV character, Remington Steele. Ah wow Ty man, I completely forgot about him, ah played by, ah, Pierce, ah, ah, it begin with a B., ah Bronson, right ? Wow man look at them, identical, so which is which, and how do you know? Ah Soap decided she would part their hair, what little they have, from left to right, vice versa, the eldest is here, so that make him, the youngest of the two, now you can also look at their bracelets. So how many minutes apart? Too many, thought the doc was mistaking, but like thirty-five minutes, here he come, here come Rem, wow Kylpe man, wow, yeah, and I was telling them how I almost didn’t make it here.  I guess I’ll go surprise the sister,  yeah, me too, they’re sleep they’re ain’t studdin me  for nothing.  Speaking of dad, how is he doing? He’s here, so that must mean something, yeah he must know he did all he could, I saw some footage out of the Americas the other day, man, it’s totally opposite, not wanting to say it, because I, too many so doubted, but it’s as if  America, Canada, has become like the worse of what Africa used to be, and Africa has become the best of what America used to be, or could have been, you know, before she became possessed with Religion and Politics, just these abominations, and thumbing their noses and fingers at the supreme over all of it, over all of them, I know Ty, it's been so extremely hard, even heart breaking to watch, I finally stop crying.  Still no word from your parents, I’ve been able to trace them, right into Madagascar territory, and then nothing, but I’m still looking. Still Henry  regretting they just didn’t come, that’s not your fault, they made that choice, you made yours, and look where it got me, two great boys. I just got to find them, they just got to see them, I’m praying they will, ___papa,” grabbing him into the strong shaking of the hand, and soon a healthy hug, it was hard to get him out of the house, so this was really special for them all. “How great it is to see you, and you my boy, I hear I have two new sons, yes, and they look like you and their moma, well I like to see them, no, no, you, stay, I’ll take him. When I open my eyes Ty and saw him, I thought I was dreaming, and Henry too, that is such the miracle, I know, I was explaining, wait where is moma Lowd? Ah they went to sneak me some ice cream, don’t you mean us? What were you telling the boys, I know my husband, ah, how delusional about all of it, I thought you were, only now look at us, I know, so beyond incredible, all of it, a rewarding sacrifice, all of it, dad here, and Henry, I just have to say that again."     >>>"Truly Phearce, eyes hath not seen, walking out into a stunning bacony bringing them within hand reach of a sky made astonishing by the setting of the sun, knowing one day made new, it was all their inheritance. "Nor Rig ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things God hath prepared for those who love him, ____for those Rig who love him. Like nothing can separate us from our love for him, nor his love for those who love him, I mean one day it will all be desolated, way beyond our imagination, but just as well, for the redeemed, it's made new. Yeah I know, God’s designing and reassigning it all to fit his descending kingdom right into the midst of it, this New Jerusalem. I fear Phearce, both heart breaking and gripping, the earth, the heavens, the universe, and all things that breathe, creep and whirl and sway in the waters upon the earth, are all preparing itself for such a day which has come.  That's all nature Rig, but us, right, but mankind? They’re doing their own thing, concocting their own brand of the God/man, this deception of like unto their Luciferian father that there’s nothing God can or will do about it, not realizing that for thousands of years of bible prophecy, he already has, always, and mercifully hath revealed such realism since before he told John, write these things down in a book, perfect, that is so perfect, as so is this place,” gratifyingly inhaling and folding her arm into his, a lovely retire to his involving perfumed neck, soon this delectable kiss. One so erotically reaching deep this sensuality of piping to have him tearing right into her tingling beast.  “Lunch is served, good sir,” the  timely diversion both sweet and bitter, breathing her out from him so reluctantly so. "My lips, tongue, their steeping blood Regan Central don’t want to let you go, then don’t Juttah husband, don't ”biting, and getting, coming mightier than ever before into the beyond stud of a clear and present lover.  “Shhhh," a calming tickle on, in her ear, "shhhh,  ___hey, hey,” breaking them apart, relaxing her, their spinning into indecisive blood regions, this urgent. “Come," taking, bringing a yet heighten in private places, Regan enflamed hand, this lead, was an as usual lovely luncheon awaiting the both of them. "Ah, dad, want me to go hunting with him,” pulling her chair out just right, spinning fast to change the subject, now into his own chair. “Hunting, what a seeming barbaric thing, yes just think Rig, without it there would be nothing as such as this luncheon. Good save, as always, Phearson McPhearson, good save, and as usual Mrs. McPhearson, you are right, ___mother and others want to take you shopping, seem they’re planning a wedding dinner, need I ask for whom? No, you need not at all ask, nor blame me, I told mother I thought it was a rotten ideal, and she said good, I thought you would," with them both breaking into a laughter, even shaking heir heads at just to imagine Mother McPhearson, even as she said it. “So I guess I’m to make the best of it, as so am I my dear, as so am I, so I guess I’m going hunting, I think we both are, shopping, is exactly the same just a little more tame, so I think."
                                               With Him Into The Ark
                                                             Scene X
     “It is nice seeing you, and you Adonai, what a stunning day both inside and out huh? Right again, ah, I was thinking about getting lunch, join me, please? I was ready, ah getting, I’m just waiting on papa, well are you allowed to eat while you wait? Come, every time I ask, you tell me no, and that doesn’t seem to deter you at all. Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve had a crush on you since before we departed, come on, I’m pouring out my heart here. Ok, ok, you pitiful little thing you, let me tell my dad I’ll meet him at the house instead, I’ll be right here, waiting."  {{{"Did he actually say yes?" Right on the Communicator with Kegan, so loudly,  wildly excited, "my Christ is coming, I know, I know, but it’s about time right? I only been asking him this entire year, did you see the twins? Ah, Nae, they are perfect, and those names, yes and how you came up with them, today is a good day, same as I said, well good date, thanks, keep us in prayer, always Nae, always}}}.      >>> "I can’t see Henry’s family, ah, henry the 4th I mean,” our grandchildren, “nestled half asleep into a juicy ham moth, with the soft, sweet, smell of her hair, flattering his nose, his warm breath, all lovingly sheathed along an indescribable day of baptizing them over and through with its shear magnificence, this is why Phearson wanted to bring Regan Central here.  “Perhaps honey it’s not something little Henry is prepared to share, so you,” as one cutting that lovely face, breath his way, even a light tear carting along expert cheeks so, just to imagine, something this awe-inspiring. “You think it’s him, that’s he’s being instrumental in showing me these things? How remarkable beyond glorious would it be darling wife, that little Henry is showing you how beyond beneficial your sacrifices. Our sacrifices, all of us Phearson,  the Lowds, the Whiteheads, and the McPhearsons, arrogantly or fearfully forestall either and none of this would be possible.  “Forgive me, young sir Phearson,” as one having watched how stunningly in love they made the second balcony,  truly how impressed they all were, with these two so compassionate. “Though cook Amrey insisted I hand you, lady Regan this, ah, it would seem cook Amrey has drafted a menu, best for one who is expectant mother. That she would be pleased if you would give it, as she said, this gander, yes, I am most, ah impressed, I will, ah happily do that,  thank you Lawrence, and for a certainty, thank her, cook Amrey, ah please, blessed day sweet children, blessed day.  My Christ, he is so good at that, yes, this bitter sweet annoyance, ah I think he’s so priceless, I think he’s there when I’m showering, or doing other private thing, ah he is not, stop it! Come on Rig be honest, while you’re showering, you don’t expect him to suddenly pull the curtain back, 'good miss, and I will have you take a gander at this!"  Do you know how thoughtful this is , excellent I shall say, it’s you, you did this, actually it was Marma's ideal, and they just took it and ran as one would say, now hurry and choose something, I’m very much hungry. You are very much fired, or did you forget, you’re just a poor Richmond weather boy, ah, I’m taking off as stressed days, I was killed by a storm, laid dead for days, wait a minute, that was Vince! "Ah, yeah, did you hit your heard, ah my god Rig, I really for a time, I know, I saw, I heard, did I hit my head? Ah, my god, where on earth did that come from, stress Phearce remember, and stop forgetting, ah man Rig, that was really weird, believe me," as those cuddling in again close, what a marvelous day so far for them, and this expert menu just how thoughtful, "indeed I know weird, personally ”     >>>"This name Adonai, I always thought it so stunning, ah, you can thank my grandmar,  she was awarded the chore of our middle names, middle names, then what is your first name, Epiphany, ah my god," finding himself straightly mused, graciously so, truly how stunning, even remarkable, bedazzling him so. "So your name is Epiphany Adonai? Yes, quite stunning I must say," as one enjoying a bite of her salad, along a sip of her glass, could she see how her date was even more impressed with her. "You’re impressed I see, yes, your name alone sound like a masterful Symphony, I’m sorry why do you laugh? I laugh, dear sir, because that is what I always imagine naming my first daughter, that’s if I’m ever to marry, wow, I know right. My first son would be Adonis and my second son, Geneva Berlyn, wow, showing himself, somewhat nervous, as one who’s been backed into a corner defenseless and mighty with figuring its way out of it. "Please don't say it," as though made tickle by him, to say Herenton IV was never attracted to her, would be a sore dishonesty, really distracted at the time, but was always this attraction for her.  Appearing more African American than her siblings, which made her complexion this edible butter, caramel, quite tempting indeed. “Don’t be so guarded, it’s not a proposal, I swear it, you’re just dining with one crazy or clever, who has already named her children, and now I'm rhyming. Hum, ah, I am so finished with this, dessert, or have Mr. Egan Lowd had enough? How you know my name, that name? What you mean how I know, you who was once married to my sister, so, doesn’t that mean I would’ve, should’ve, could’ve known your name as well? Ah yes, if you’d just asked, are you drunk? No, I’m calling a hackney and I’m out of here, and you, how will you get back? I’m sorry if I offended you," turning, talking back at him making this his exit, really kicking herself for breaking her promise she guessed, that she would be very careful with him, still this fragile. You have a good evening Miss Adonai, I'll have a good walk, you’re serious, you’re just going to leave me here, just let me ask, are you Egan as fragile as they say or are you just a coward? You should know, aren’t you the smart one naming your unborns and all? Just great Epiphany Adonai," as one letting the door hit him rather loud this exit, where the lord indeed split him is the saying, at seeing him moving, shrinking into the distant away, not looking or coming back, and that sadly was that.

                                     Because  Of The Waters Of The Flood
                                                        Scene XI    

     “I think I know what happen, yes, sweet darling, though we best get ready, guess  already appear to be arriving, I’ll as usual take the top bath, let make it a race, see whose, wow Phearson, who are they?" Seeing from the aperture with him, truly dazzling guess where appearing, those dressed as for a celebrity ball, glad she was that she’d visited Cherchez la Femme, (look for the woman), this Dissuasion in Paris, and found her an unspeakable gown to wear, again seeing clearly, this was a black tie affair. "Those are the Hentleys , some of mother’s most entrusted friends and partners, ___partners? You know you never told me what business they’re in,  wine, of course, for hundreds and hundreds of years these virtual relics, all around the world, it too is gold papa would say, growing on the vines. “So prepare my dearest to be prated and prod, and when they’re finished they yet won’t know anything about you, Regan Central the mystery.  I think I’m beginning to know what it felt like, to be a stowaway on the Titanic, and now holstered along all these highly prized people, piping and gushing over of stories of celebrity and me with little or nothing to tell them. Hey, stop that, you are the most important person they will ever have the pleasure, ever Rig, ever,  and don’t you forget that, and mother knows this  and so will they,  now go, go, let’s get ready.  What will you wear? Ah, I assured you, our own Lawrence took really good care of that, Papa too, as we give them such to celebrate, now go, you have one hour, make the best of it, because I can’t wait to see you again!"     >>>"I assume the date didn’t match up? Seeing son Herenton is to virtually live in the mortuary there among deceased wife and son, not only not allowing the dead to be buried, as of what Jesus said of it, but having buried any possible future with them. “Only Bay because be wouldn’t let it, you’re going to have to talk to him, forgetting that I have, that we have, is that what you’re saying? It doesn’t matter what we say, this is a choice he’s going to have to make, just as he agreed to that date, and honey made little use of it.  It was something though, right Bay, even if the smallest morsel, the mustard seed in  comparison to a measure of  faith Liz the littlest, yeah you right about that,  ____about that? I’m right about everything, everything that’s of God, that’s the only right part of it, God, I’m going, need some things for dinner, you coming? It felt so good getting out yesterday, you know, I think I will, good, we could swing by the hospital first, see those twin grand sons of ours, sound good," hurried to make himself comfortable on the passenger side of the truck, remembering he was invited to keep her company,  not he, her. "Just make a day right? Right, as I said Bay, it sound good.”     >>>”She is even more exceptional Merriam than you hath said, that amazing gown? Ah, Cherchez la Femme, you took her there no less? Actually no, she knew of it her own, said at least one of its directors is in the family some way, ___I see the mysterious plot, yet thickens, how very much and she and son Phearson such the winning couple. I’m told she's with a child, yes, but not for them, but as a surrogate for another, wow, a saint as well, how exquisite is she all this evening, indeed. "Forgive me Regan love for not staring,” as one whisking her away to himself finally, as he’d anticipated all night, she such the splendor and he such the devotee, this taken away. “I fear if I do, I will find myself breathless, perished, and will then cease to be Regan Central’s heart single adoring, I mean this gown woman, this like it’s made, that’s tenuously crafted to you accordingly, how did you know? It just make them wonder of you even more so, and watch me like a hawk, its prey, no, no, not its prey sweet, but it’s long anticipated.  Long searched after infamous romance, all of them, of being smitten in love by and with you, this love, even tempting, most worthy heart breath.  "That toast Phearce, that your father gave, and your mother with him, I’ve never felt so welcome, yet so undeserving, yes I saw Magnus turn green with envy, ____don’t say that, even if it’s true, (she died in child birth, remember), "Regan, Rig, my god!" As one who frail, weaken along stumbling right into him, even as to lose time, to faint, hey, hey, Rig,  hey, look at me,  ah Godddd! "That out of an intense swallow, bringing her back, had she all but collapsed, and thanks to his reflexes, "I’m ok,  I’m, I’m ok,  ____no, no, that’s it,  you’ve had enough,  Phearce, no, this has gone on long enough!  Actually, taking a break, this maternity leave, Regan is a law student, all of her brothers are attorneys, ah, work for that well known firm, Coogan, the Coogan Firm, well that’s it, one of the wives is part owner to Castle Cherchez la Femme, ah Mistress Tiffany Coogan. This marvelous Dissuasion of America,  that is the association you see, I tell you to walk into that store and walk out in ten minutes with something that perfect for her,  ….yes, Lawrence, what is, ah it is time, that Lady Regan retire, and Lord Phearson need, will see you, now, …ladies please forgive me this mishap I'm sure,  ___didn’t her son live this alternate life, ah, lifestyle? Allowed to change one's mine, even one's heart, isn’t lady Margret what the Christian Christ is for? Ah, yes, most certainly he is, hence awarding our son such the prize bride and lest I misspeak, surrogate, ____surrogate, what an undertaking at itself, alone.  When are you to tell them the truth or will I have to? Not now Magnus, have you lost your mind? Regan is not well and nothing on this planet will prevent me of her, nothing, do you know mother is telling guess she’s a surrogate? Well isn’t that Magnus exactly what she is, Regan carries a child in her own womb that she’s to pass off to another, surrogate, now I didn’t tell mom that, but it’s a perfect description. Regan is a vital part of this family and you young lady may as well get used to it, “tell them brother,” as one moving into an elevator, readying a choice of floors,  this volatile brat of herself, “or I promise  you, I will, …..or I promise you, I will, wooo, so dramatic, get a life girl, get a couple of them! You is too hard on her, on my evil twin you mean, twin, you and Penelope Magnus? And I must love you, I don't tell that to anyone, why Phearce am I not surprised? Raise your arms, now sit and I'll get your shoes, and you Miss lady, really does smell good, well thank you, and so do you, you do know, well have you considered being a twin. Yes Rig, I could give birth, yes, well that is not always the case, just as, ah my Christ, you and Magnus twins, after I thought I knew everything, no, no!" Having undress her down to her satin slip, possibly the most nude Phearson had seen of her, not wanting  to tempt him, as they'd done before, as he'd made it plain, not before little Henry is born. "I can Phearce take it from here, I'm chilled, get me some hot chocolate perhaps, believe me, Lawerance would love that, just the chance to be here, near you, hum, jealous? You damn straight, and don't you forget it! 

And The Water Was Upon The Earth Forty Days And Forty Nights, (And The Ark Was Jesus) Apb
                                                          Scene  XII
      "And, what else?" As a conniving one looking at his wife, wanting to use her to sweeten the deal, take her and have his way. “Now I told you, you can’t have her, that’s my wife, meaning she’s a covenant I made with God, you know about those right? How it’s a curse to break them once you’re sealed, a curse, on me and on you. Nall, nall, don’t want no curses, got enough of them, never had it said that way, ah we leave in the morning just as light come, thank you, appreciate it, mam, thank you dear sir, have a good night. What just happen? That man was going to have me if nothing else, I just Ursula told him the truth,  most people are religious if even to a fault, I just told him the truth of it, of ordain marriage.  Did you hear what he said? Yeah, that he never had it explain that way, thinking I’m sure, that’s why he’s been cursed all his day, the taking and insulting of not just women Ursula, but wives.”  He’s going to get us as far South as Ethiopia, and pass us off to some he say can be trusted, it’ll be the closest we’ve been to him in a year, Tyson son, we’re coming for you.   …We know Me ‘sure Wells what’s you plan,” as those coming right in,  about five if them, wanting to escape as surely as  he himself, thinking he’s their best why out of a camp growing more and more dangerous. “Now I was standing of the beach Madagascar just a while ago, I saw all the refugees pouring into there, America, Canida, ah Brits, all of them, I say we can’t stay here, take my gold to Me sure Wells, go with him,  go where he go. I’m tired of trying to prevent you Holly, if Boon say so, then I say welcome , thank you Me ‘sure wells, such a good man, no God  is good, where he lead, I follow, the only trustworthy, yes sar, yes sar, look like we might have company, trading  in gold, probably so. Pack light, we only take what we need, look I  know what you thinking, but Jen is old enough to decide for herself, she has chosen madness, we can warn her additionally , but , well you know, she is pregnant, did she tell you? Then even more Ursula, she can’t travel, even more this so called husband will fight against it, then I am losing my daughter to find my son, no, your daughter choses to be lost, your son, want to be found."     >>>"Please Rig, talk to me, I’m ok, you keep saying that, mother is beginning to think the party was a bit too much, the party was as perfect, or better, “remember she died in childbirth,” I’m sorry, who, died, what are you, every now and then I hear a vice whisper that in my ear, and every time, it’s as though I lose all energy , consciousness and begin to fall, is that what this is about?  It scares me, it really, really scares me, well, you know it isn’t you, right? So ask what it’s about, who, what, where, even when? No Phearce, I don’t think I want to know, babe, if you’re to get better and stay that way, you need to know this, even I need to know.  I believe it’s making reference to Herenton the 4th that he lost his wife Joslyn and his first son, Henry the 5th, ok, ok, like I said, it’s not about this, this Henry, I mean I see why that would scare you. Especially Phearce after I wished for so long that it be so, that I would lose us both, and the pain and agony would stop, because I’d not hurt so bad in my life.  Come down to dinner with me, I don’t want, please, it’s the only way mom is to see for herself and stop this blame, ok, sure, anything for her, them. You ready to tell them, about what really happen? I heard Magnus threatening you, Magnus is a silly, silly little girl, and that she’ll be until she grow up into Christ, so what she says doesn’t intimidate me, so it shouldn’t bother you, we’ll tell then Rig, when we’re good and ready too .  I’ll inform Lawrence you will be joining us for dinner and I darling dear will prepare, good, just be careful, you woman are such the asset."     “{{{Andy, hey run away child, how, is everything, everything is fine, perfect, I bet sitting in  a castle de france, you home alone? Ah nall the stunner wife is here, hello Maddy, hello soon to be like myself, mother. Ah my Christ, does that mean you’re pregnant? Yes, nearly three month worth, ah my god, I bet you guys are so happy, don’t get so emotional, we’re fine, everything Rig is fine. I don’t know, I think I’m going to tell them, tell them, tell Phearce family, about Herenton’s assault,  so I guess you can say I called for moral support, well you got it, your choice right? Right, you guys be darling, mention me in your prayers and I’ll talk to you all later, tell South and North the same, ”bye, bye sweet heart, rejoice,”}}}.  “That was Maddy, Madison, ah, Andy’s wife, how sweet, so is everything alright with them?” Noticeably wiping under each eye, wishing she could be so blessed, that the child she carried was made of love, of she and Phearson womb, but one day, one day soon was now this blessed, optimism of pressing on.  “Yes, everything, so much so, Maddy announced she’s carrying, ah, she’s pregnant, ah three months, worth, and upon that I’ll get me a hot bath. One day Rig,  …please don’t, ok, just don’t, I’m tired of , I guess Phearce, I’m just tired, I’ll meet you down stair,  please, ok, sure, see you at the dinner table, for a certainly."     >>>“No, I am sleep the tent, the brother Elvis is shaking me, saying, come, you come and see this, I am out there, and every way I see, these people we run to is now running to me, and I not think, I know, this is the end, this is the end I  know, never, eh, paradise earth, no paradise for sure. Then the brother Beetle, he say, there is another, a new one coming, a new mother Africa, I turn my head, not listen to what he say, days , and months and years, not listen, then one day, Colonial Gaddafi dead, this man being the help, even the woman, I say, why is Colonial so good to us dead? They say, Ah, merca, and I not standing, their chance, why stop mine? Then I hear this money thing, ah, ah mera money king of world, no other, so they kill, and they kill, and they kill good Colonial, not be perfect, if he perfect no, but he want to help all people fleeing, now Ah mer’ ca need Colonial’s Africa ah idea.   Just how early Holly did you begin to hear of this New Africa? I know me ‘sure  when I did hear, I said, such person clucked in the head, just clucked, but was upper eighty to low ninety, this one about, ahhh, marriage worship, ah, pure, ah, not the man, man, ah wo’man, wo’man curse, but the, ah, first book, ah, Genes, did you know Ethiopa, ah, river is here? Places we go, way back when, …yeah my brother I did know that, we better get some sleep, got lots and lots of miles to cover,  cause we be gone to New Africa, new human cradle, new man”     
                                     …In The Selfsame Day, Noah Entered… 
                                                           Scene XIII

     "Envy, Jealousy , Strife, and every evil work," coming out onto a balcony with her, able
to see most of the villa from there, so many people, of varying colors, visiting,  going back
and forth. "What is that? That Magnus is why you feel the way you do. Look, you seduce my brother with these magical letters, get pregnant by another, and throw this madness off on him, on all of us if you ask me! I'd not known a man, not until my intended Herenton, slammed me into the shower walls that day, and tore me from limb to limb they say.Ripped out my heart Magnus, my guts and my blood, all into bloody pieces as of a scrabble board. So when my best friend husband Rome found me, horrified me, that was a piece of my healing, then word past to my parents, another sickening particle came to this miserable pity party.  Also when my brothers learn word of it, as much as I dreaded it, even throwing myself off a building was all to better it, yet another fragment of unbearable healing. Just as soon, Magnus word came to your friends and colleagues  I despised its curative more than them all, even its appearing was like having acid for drinking water, how hideously to digest any of it, them.  Now you tell me how in a million years possible, not only did I have to live with the greatest of being violated, I was now getting word I was carrying the offspring of this monstrous vandalism. Onto breaking, cutting and tearing me, flesh and bone, this numb, all over again, but no, said your brother. No, this most loathsome of all haven’t happen to add insult to the mightiest of injury at all, but for healing. The whitehead family, the Lowd family, The McPhearson Family, even the Copeson family all growing to new life, forgiveness and love right into my womb. I know,  all to break out one day and startle us to shreds all again, but Magnus, after what we've endured, a celebration is all left of the greatest of evil’s muggings and beside the Supreme, we have none but the bravest of all men, like Phearson McPhearson, to thank,   ____you my sister, have a nice day."      >>>You have to understand Soap, 
Henry designed his life to be a certain way, long ago, when tragedy
was to strike, he convinced himself, perhaps he was to live a single life, with said miscalculation making him truly miserable. I just wish Kay there was something I could do, Nay is so crazy about him, she always have been, have put herself on hold, I know it’s not his fault , but no less true.  Perhaps his taking her invitation to have lunch, was proof he’s coming around right?  I’ll lean on him with that and head cut off or not, just suffer the consequences of my brother’s wrath, I mean I am his keeper like it or not.  I wonder how much longer it’s going to be testing the twins for this jaundice thing? They are perfect I know, they’ll not to find one odd thing in them, blood all.  Do you know she, Nay has already named her children, yeah Henry told me, thought it was foolishness, he say, but I felt he was really impressed by it. Encouraged by her, he just need to humbly give in to it, this just as perfect for him, spouse, kick against this stubborn in him, of blaming God.”     >>> “Ahhh I miss you," cuddling into him along a hammock under the stunning starry night, a closeness they'd not had lately. Ditto,” as one finding his breast and sweet warm breath just as delightsome, again this lovely smothering of one the other, “ditto, ah don't start that, they argued and the next he was ghosted. Ghosted, is that even a word? It is now, it’s mine, so did you tell them? Is that Rig why you've played the chicken these days? No I didn't, but I had this incredible practice in the mirror, you should've heard me, would've made you proud, I did hear," as to free herself someway,  “the testimony, remember? Well I Rig, figured, after those amazing toast, dad nor mom care about this pregnancy, only that we’re  happy, only that you're safe, only that we're this amazing together. For some reason I'm reminded, I talked to Vince, they would be back in the states sometimes today, and he's with them, Ctentri is with them? Yeah, once dead, even in a coffin, but now alive, I can't wait to see him, does he know we're in France? Yeah,” as one not wanting to say, as it was a bit of a surprise for now, “which is why Rig I invited them here, here, really? Yeah, they should be here in time for dinner, I was going to surprise you, but you haven't meet Ctentri right? No, meeting him is going to be like meeting Lazarus, I figure you would say that, so you're not mad, no, it’s perfect we being here and all, like it’s planned. You think we could meet the Tribe, even Maaseiah? I don't think Vince know them, only Ctentri, I must admit Rig I didn't think about that, by the way, you smell really good, how good? Good ok, that's all I better say, and you feel so amazing in my arms, on my flesh, just my love where I belong. How your parents gonna feel having him here? Are you kidding, he ask the same thing, my parents are crazy about him, can't wait to see him, can't wait to see and meet Tennyson, so its perfect Rig as you say, you are, even this,” as one smiling joyful hearted into an impressive fully lite sky, there was nothing better than this moment at present, and his best friend could share it with his newest friends, “this is.”     >>>“So for how long? What are you talking about?" As one reloading wood for the fire, it looked to be a chilly night, a few of them from the look of his pile, keeping him busy, his mind off.  “How long Henry will you make all our lives this miserable? Sound like Nae ran right to you all, it’s not that,  she's in love with you, yeah and she has already named her children, how crazy is that? Stop this and talk to me,” tall, chocolate, and flawless, even those brooding eyes, not unlike his male counterparts before him, simply model caliber, Herenton Egan the fourth was being his most arrogant self.  “Don't do this, we all die Henry, we all lose loved ones, my twin sons are a miracle, they're also emotionally this impending curse of astronomical lost and that is this reality. Now I can't tell Soap that," as one wiping his cheek away, all the better, just as his older brother meticulously swiped his stained streaks away.  "I mean, it’s not like she doesn't know, she just don't want to be reminded, like the fish snared in a net Henry, we all die, we all walk through that valley of the swallow of death, it’s just that we don’t all have Him Henry as our shepherd.  I love you brother,” grabbing him and folding him into this gracious hug, a cry on his shoulder, someone had to remind him, death and dying goes on. “That I’m sorry beyond comprehension about what happen to her, to them, but there is a way to have, to take some happiness from this horror,   …happiness, really Kae?” As one spinning off cuttingly back into his chores, though was brother Khylp pleased that he’d made his point, acceptable or not. “Yeah I better go, they’re releasing Soap and the twins today, so you coming over this welcome home? Will Adonai be there? Probably, that is Henry her sister, her new nephews, all of them will no doubt be there, did you know her name is Epiphany  Adonai? Any way Kae man, I can’t say I will, or that I won’t, just congratulation, tell Soap I said the same, thanks, hope to see you later.”      >>>”Tell us Me 'sure about the son of you, I told you Holly, my name is Neilson, Neil for short, he is my only son, Tyson is his name, Ty for short, boy do I miss him, how you, uh, um, lose him? He, well they escaped before America was stripped and nothing then left, ah, on the big shifter people say, one way, then it be another, said captain Lowd, knew this, ah, planned this, they were transformers, like festivity ships, ah to shift to marine, yes? Tyson married the daughter, so for all I know, I am a grandfather, so lucky for him, captain Lowd as you said, got him right out of America beyond this hell a million times, hit the fan   …congrats to you early, soon we will see, three days to less, we will see all for the self.  Seeming three days too long, but it’s better than being years and months off, so you hunt with us, or you fish with them? I think I fish this time, last time hunt, yeah well we better get off while it’s yet early, I am right with uh, Neil’son just Neil is fine, mean none disrespect, you Holly do know you and I are the same, identical fate, no greater, no less, yes Me’ sure and I am much thankful.” 
                           And Sham, And Ham And Japheth
                                                    Scene XIV
     “This place Phearce is even more stunning,” as those resting their evening walk along the brick enclave surrounding the property, a no longer filled duck pond just beyond glistering under this amazing night sky. I can't tell you Phearce what an honor to let us share this magical place with you two. Well when I told Rig you all were coming, boy was she excited, couldn't wait to meet especially Lazurus, Ctentri. So how did it go with her, going under, did any good come of it? It did, good," seeing friend Phearce didn't seem at liberty to say, immediately Branch Vincent changed the subject. "Tennyson and I are seriously contemplating the African Juttah, that it would be a good start for us, your thoughts? My thoughts?” Easily showing himself this intimidated, at walking off into the nearly blinding moonlight, all the more highlighting such expert grounds and this brilliant landscape . My Christ Vince you're talking Africa, what could be a new, final era of mankind, I mean for his eternal betterment of course. Just what is it Phearce you're trying not to tell me? I see Vince I am yet to you so obvious, but no it’s just that you would mention new Africa, well, its that Rig been having these dreams and it's the primary focus,   …you mean it as in New Africa? Yeah, of course, ok what sort of dreams.  I’d forgotten Vince your recent brush with death changed your feelings about dreams,   …for one Phearce, I would’ve never known or met Caddy, even Tennyson, nor Ctentri, so of what sorts? What, it’s that outlandish you can’t tell me? Outlandish he ask, say, it’s pretty out there, yeah, ok, just tell and let me Phearce decide for myself, such a wise as himself response.”     >>>”I hadn’t told you Phearce, but I remember seeing what happen to Henry after he past from here, my, Henry, which is another reason why I wanted to meet, you Ctentri, someone who’d recently been through this.  At first he ended up in this place with those called bond servants, ah, oblation bond servants, ah lived I guess, he first meet this woman called ‘Measure,’ that he would terrifyingly realize.  Well, all she did was cook, that’s three times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and throw each dish yet hot and steaming into the trash away. Now emptied, she would place these yet steaming pots and pans in this murkiest of water, that when she did show him her hands, they were all snarled, and contused, right into her arms, just twisted, black and blasted. My god… I know, but she was just one, he meet this other, a man, called Trial, all he did was wake up every morning being Sunday, he would dress, get in his car drive there, sit for a certain length of time, and watch, lust after children, this pedophile and return, only to do the same thing over and over again. It was just this curse of them all around, and she, the cook who called Herenton Pound, inviting him along like it was something to be pleasured, something better than death. Then without further warning he was cast into this room where a screaming to high heaven, big as a house wife was giving birth and cursing horribly at him, at all of them, everyone. Seeming this is where he would be struck to live out daily, a becoming father, this one thing he treasured, and he just felled on his knees and start praying. Thankfully, last I saw him, his arm was in a sling, and he was at an airport getting ready to fly off to heaven, …arm in a sling… it’s better to enter into heaven maimed, than into hell whole, indicated I guess, …yes, that is how I saw it, Herenton did repent before he died, ah past away, I witness that. So how was it there for you, did you experience something similar? For one Regan, if I may,  it was all of a sudden, if you wasn’t repentant already you was in trouble, which is why I have to thank by two brothers in Christ, Phearce and Vincent. If I’d not visited you all, and got my heart right with Christ letting go of this same sex mutation, not only would I not be here, I wouldn’t have been there, in heaven. I for a certain, just as it’s a sacrificial lifestyle, it is a sacrificial outreach, meaning all those in love as Christ, will suffer mightily, bearing His Cross toward others with nothing but mockeries for all its troubles.  Though no, it was like all of a sudden Caddy and I were tossed into a gigantic maze of it all, like in a dream, and all was uncertain. Then just as soon, all made clear, we were no longer among the living, as in flesh and blood and all around us, this too amazing to describe calm. Ah divine, stillness, this unspeakable gladness and these people, these angels, or holy spirits coming from here and there visiting with you, us. With us and the one thing you realize, heaven is like a too great to measure city of people, places and things of  the universe all around, of all things we think we know. Of all things Rig, Tenny, we’ve never in a million years imagined, and just so enchanting, like home, only indescribable, this beyond phenomenon. All you guys being prepped to come here, to descend and be the heaven and earth Elohim intended before the fall of innocence, that’s what I got from all of it. Yeah, Maasaeiah said reluctantly, last she visited there, she was anointed upon by Holy Spirit how they couldn’t wait to join her here, Jesus Millennial, yes, that's what I mean it’s all about again reigning here, please,” as one giving a peek into his communicator, it was a call he both desired and grieved over, “excuse me everybody, I must take this, {{{Ctentri here.”}}}            
                                      The Sons of Noah, And Noah’s Wife
                                                             Scene XV
     "Your name, ah Egan Herenton,  and do you Mr. Egan have any personals, any items to register ? No, I don’t, and what of your confessions? I confess I am a child of God, and servant of Jesus Christ, that I am a Juttah Preece and free to enter in. Very well sir, this is your booklet, those who dare enter are encourage to read, obey or die, there’s a wall over there,” as one pointing passed Herenton did he turn and witness an area. Even a line of desperate people researching a wall of various pictures,” it is filled with the missing that did not comply, so tell me you understand. I understand transgressions will not be tolerated, …such a wise one for his age, now I suggest you sit and read, lunch is served in about an hour, welcome to New Africa, Juttah Kenya, thank you, truly, and to you sir , be blessed.   Hello,” I am Beth, hello," that before he could even sit down, gathering both his thoughts and his fears, this young lady seem to be all over him.  “I am Egan, Herenton,  this is a dangerous place, a paradise yes, but the threat of  expulsion is everywhere, the hill of Odel Ophell, yes, I was just forewarn, so that whole wall is of those missing. Missing Egan or deceased, deceased? I, don’t, that’s sown back into the earth, flesh, blood all, the reapers here can do that, they in no way tolerate transgression and that is the primary danger of it . .Ah, I see, did you lose someone there? A brother and a sister who just wouldn’t listen, lost in translations of traditions, of a warped freedom, even nightmarish dream of if, if you Egan know what I mean. In another’s days time we can go and search for them, search, yes, you have 72 hours after, can anyone go or only those who’ve lost someone? Would you come with me, please? I don’t even, what, know me? That doesn’t matter,  I can sense your essence of things, I trust you, ok, well, I was commission to read this, so if you don’t mine, ah, no I  \don’t,  I’ll see you again Egan, doing lunch if you please. The African Juttah,’ reading aloud as  he open the  highly  recommended manuscript, this guide of it, did tears in his eyes just as well appear, spinning into wiped clear cheeks, thinking where he would be, if he’d not been given the opportunity to repent and if he’d not taken of its opportunity, now instead cursed, even an oblation bond servant.     >>>"You seem distant,  …who me? Taking  time to swallow a bite of his  fork away,  it was Wednesday and they were eating out as always, though joined by friends.  You’re crossed at me I know, I am crossed at myself, I should’ve been more open with what was going on, but the supreme as this witness, that was all so spontaneous, in other words I didn’t know what I would say, until I said it.  I know Rig, you went there to apologize for what happen to Herenton,  for what you thought was your part, man did that turn into some phenomena, unforgettable testimony, and now this the interrogation of Ctentri about Henry, I know, I know, I just needed to know, just tell you’re not peeved at me? “ As one unfolding a cloth napkin across her lap, readying to dig into her favorite pasta, contemplating how apple pie alamode for dessert, would make the night  even more perfect.  “You are amazing girl, that was amazing, even beyond that, not everyone can do that Rig, leave themselves open to such damaging accusations, even mockery.  You, you just dove right in, like you knew it was exactly what they needed to know, hear, see and believe Rig, and Rig believe.  Even me, indeed whatever make you happy, and look at you, you were glowing then and you’re glowing still.  I believe he’s happy too, meaning him, Herenton, my, the Lowds Henry, just think Phearce if I’d not gone under, I possibly wouldn’t have known any of it, yeah, meaning Dr. Coogan , that’s S.H.R.I.N.K.S.,  are as well a God sent. Including you my dearest Phearson, what an incredible faith and faithfulness in Holy Spirit things has gotten me, now read my mind and tell me what’s for dessert? Ah that’s easy, I just need to know what favor of ice cream you’re to have on your apple pie, like I said so incredible is he for me. I need you to remind me to call Mother Lowd , let her know where we are and stuff like that, sure.  I was reading about all the flooding lately, how parts of France are being declared states of emergencies, it’s all bad, but it’s nothing Phearce in comparison to what’s coming.  I haven’t told you Rig, but a few years back, eight to be exact, it was only when I open my eyes, I lamented, ‘we will build an ark,’  you didn’t,” spinning tingling sentiment into her nostril, readying and watering her eyes,  a sniff along a discreet wipe,  this intense with thoughts. “Ah my Christ Phearson why you never told me this? Because that’s all it was, I don’t remember what came before, only that I answered, whatever I saw and heard with, ‘we will build an ark.”  It’s Phearce  all the more confirmation, this, all of this is really happening, ending man, beginning God’s reign, and millions upon millions refusing to listen in inconceivable jeopardy as in the days of Noe,  ….yeah Rig, just as Jesus forewarn.”             

The Intermission
The Acorns Are Falling, By:  Alyn Tristian Deburk  (Apache Arrow Deburk)                                                         
The Paris Globe, PG
Saints Habitate Restoration In Naturtally Kaotic Situations
The Acorns Are Falling                                                                                                    09/07/2001
     The Acorns are falling dear Sura, dissolving both old and new, shattering asunder all that’s unadulterated an espousal to profitless dew. To here they’re to come dear Sura, yet unto yonder places they go, some far away removed, others to loneliness door. Yes that door dear Sura, that one both admissible and close, either this light or this dark, unto alien fables untold. I am unto you my l over, then I am further away still, a fumbling acrobatic at the whistling  wind, tis accord unfulfilled.   
     The Acorns rea falling dear Sura, clashing through  the mother due proud, at headmost the clacking unharmed, as fluffy feather’s lying down, down to her good for nothing mound. Tis this treachery I tell you, Raine is his name, a laughing stock, enjoining in dessert spoon ang.  Way down, faraway they go, this mundane existence below. An indefinite never-mind, a sweet wicked in my vine. Still to and fro they voyage , here to there they scheme, then unto rehearsal and partnerships, her devious  plots redeemed  
     The Acorns are falling dear Sura, a creative imagination, with none enmity to forestall the pass time, none enmity into desecration. Unto thitherward I wonder, unto the distance accurately disposed of, this savage episode Sura, aching and blackening souls’ blood. To here they come dear Sura, yet to yonder places they’re to fled, coming to travel abroad, others’ having made this bed. I’ll come unto thy morning, I’ll bring a mischievous disregard. I’ll watch it claim your wholesome outlook and dear one, I’ll watch you as you fall. Tis, I am unto my love, then I’ve wondered still away, into thy sweetest lifetime, there where farewell’s are safe, Tristan Allen Deburk, (Apache Arrow), From Beast of Beauty, Apb, The RAM   
THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012  

And The Three Wives Of His Sons With Them, Into The Ark
Scene XVI
                       …And they went unto Noah, into the ark…
                                               Scene XVII
       -"It all you guys both miraculously and frightfully line up in perfect order with Masseiah’s  2001-2017 time table, I Ctentri didn’t want to say, but you’re right, that’s it exactly. So what is supposed to happen, what, a little over a year from now? I mean I hear the Tribe all hinting around and all, working so closely with them, but that’s just bits and pieces. What is the Intrepid Dream, even what does it mean? The intrepid dream Cameron, is the way Holy Spirits demonstrated to Maaseiah Christmas night, 2001, how they will end not just America, but westernize civilization. Which she has realized, is actually the end of the dispensation of grace per Christ’s Cross, and thus the church age, it’s all ending at the exact same time, just as in all likeness it began, this diverse image of the Roman Empire hath of itself, casting Daniel his most curious.  “And I will raise them up on the last day,” Jesus, he was talking the last day of the church age, vastly approaching us right now, just as the Angel Gabriel did say.  Wow Ctentri, but still why, all at the same time? They all Cameron, it’s Cam,  ok Cam, it, they all exist one in and of another,  in other words, if Christ Cross had never happen, there wouldn’t have been a purpose for the Church Age nor the dispensation of grace allowing for 2000 years now it’s nation upon nation, tongue upon tongue world outreach.  Maaseish say, If instead accepted, Jesus would’ve reign as king and the entire earth would’ve been filled with His Glory. That if Jerusalem had accepted him then as their Messiah, then righteousness would’ve still been, by pure blood, baptism of water and the Holy  Spirit, only Jesus wouldn’t have had to die for this, only a drop of this divine blood this covenant for us would’ve sufficed. Though since he was rejected and lead as a lamb to her shearers, and slaughtered, his blood be upon us and the righteous martyred from the Genesis until now,  that’s blood spilled either for damnation or reconciliation all according to our belief or lack thereof, we all mankind have a Savior in Jesus., divine revelation hath come.  No kingdom Cam, I’m Regan Central by the way, and this is my husband Phearson, or Nation or Super Power has risen or fallen without forewarnings, just as they have a prophesied beginning, they all have a prophetic ending, The Dispensation of Grace, The Church Age and Thus Americas, known by many as Mystery Babylon  is 2001-2017.  By this Intrepid dream, Maaseiah saw that something as cataclysmic  as to set the nation back for hundreds of years happen first, and so suddenly, as in a nanosecond. Evenly, next this pale horse judgment and that to follow was an Islamic reign, which would all coincide with the final week of years as prophesied by Daniel, of Jacob’s trouble. Not the church, the church, as in the bride has had troubles since Cain slew Abel, now her deliverance out of all these distresses, per her faith and faithfulness in Christ’s blood as promised and prophesied rescued her, that’s snatched her out.  Correct Maaseiah says, the white, trimmed in gold intrepid automobile f her dream, its disappearance, represent the end of the church age, and the Bride’s now so phenomenally taken out, away.  Yeah, Maasiah will testify, the mast majority of what they’ve shown her, these thirty years was demonstrations upon demonstrations regarding the bride’s disappearance, being taken from here.  I don’t know if you’ve seen her, or even meet, she, your Maaseiah is one of the most beautiful and spiritually knowable persons inside and out ever, and I do mean ever, and yet so humble , forgiving and loving, that Cam is the Maaseiah, we all know and as well love, though no, none sitting here besides you and Ctentri has actually meet her.   So Mr. Bonaei , you’re to stay or you’re to go? I’ve really Cameron, ah Cam,  contemplated that, my mother, well my family, loved ones as Sis here ,so want to see me,  in person, especially after what just happen. Well of course, that’s totally understandable,  I could possibly take a leave, come with you, that’s if you want me to do, yes, yes, I wanted to ask you, but doubted its fairness to you, …its been so long since I’ve been to America, …it’ll be fun, you’re be fine.   So when Maaseiah weighed in as this judgment, 190 lbs, she calculated them into months, yes, according to bible prophecy, but she also learn recently, though she’s seen in the 2001 dream, this nation, western system setback for hundreds of years, she now know, that’s by an additional prophecy, Ezekiel 4, that the 190 figure as well represent a subtraction of 190 years, so when you subtract that from 2001 you get, what? Like 1811 all modernized technology, and just this epidemic manner of making wicked devices all now gone from her, an EMP, a CME or an NEO, all on extinction levels can do this as suddenly and as entirely as Maaseiah seen it, it’s like Noah, knowing, and being totally ignored. So that explain why the Tribe are relocating to New Africa, Juttah, why they’re encouraging us to do the same, they keep going on about something called a Septennial …relating Cam to a period of seven years, you see if the gathering happen as Maaseiah seen it,  2017, then Christ and the Bride will return seven years later, 2024, the fulfillment of Maaseiah,’s  prophetic word, 2003, her being told to mark, ’17 and 7,”  Noah’s Ark surrounds those two calculations as well, as we said, Cam, it’s all inundated prophetically.   The answer Branch is yes, yes I’ll marry you, yes I’ll enter into the Juttah with you,  …wait a minute, just like that? Just like that, right here in front of immortal family and friends, …congratulations you guys, I know Caddy is right now ecstatic, ah she better be, she’s why it’s happening. Hey, what is it? As to touch Regan Central’s settled hand, melancholic look, bringing her back into the worthy conversation, “I was just considering, what was it Father Lowd was telling me, us Phearce, without actually telling  us? Have you Cam heard of the Air Juttah? Well, yes, it’s what the Tribe call their air buses, designed as, with the latest military technology, but with all the comfort of a private jet. Do you as well know how many there are? I’m not really supposed to know, tell, but there’s a dozen, even more, they are their most prized transport and just how often would you say they travel to and from Africa? Often, so much the Paris Globe is becoming just this shell of them, ah, I see, what, is there something else I should know, is there a migration going on, even an exodus? A slow motion one now Cam, for the last thirty years, and we’ve just remain this obvious to it all, it’s happening darling Phearce right under our noses. I did you guys a few nights back, have this African guy wake me from sleep, bring me out of this tent so I could see all of the American refugees pouring onto this African Island, Madagascar  …ah my god Cam, signs and wonders of this is everywhere, it’s like having an open side view of Noah building the ark, even Elohim Christ’s Cross  and making no preparation for oneself, it’s beyond crazy, we, we, Phearce must get back to America,  …are you sure?  I am, I need to speak with him,  …with  ….with father Lowd, see him face to face, and not on the communicator, eye to eye even, don’t you all see, if Maaseiah has been prophesying this some thirty years, what about those who did listen, who did take it to heart. Even enough to do something about it, as in build these arks, you mean like Col. Gaddafi failed United States of Africa, yes, only because he failed Phearce or was so viciously hindered, doesn’t mean his project didn’t. One that would’ve been fulfilled either by 2017 or 2024, seventeen and seven, Phearce, I read this lately, Maaseiah’s Prophecy or coincidence, what, what you read that? Yes, yes I did , isn’t that what father Lowd hinted, he and his sons, this calling, dreams, degrees, schematics all,  and Rig, tons and tons of money, which they, and other investors have. Do you Ctentri think you could get me an interview with Mr. Sioux Noel himself, or one of the other head Tribe of them? Sia Deburk, they now call him, I’m sure I can, even Cam, here, we’ll get on it first thing, thanks, thanks, I think I know something, I just need them to verify it, we’re not gonna end up dead like those on the movie 2012, pocking around too much into private things? Well, darling Branch, if we do, it just mean we’ll get to reign with Christ a lot sooner,  …these things belonged to Holy Spirits and Maaseiah long before they portrayed them in these movies and remember our enemies can only ascend us, right, I hear you little Maaseiah yourself, hallelujah, I hear you, assign us your  angels all around,  Holy Father, keeping your promises.”  
           …Two And Two Of All Flesh Wherein Is The Breath Of Life…
                                                     Scene XVIII
     “So which of them again am I holding? Their names are on their ankles, though Reynolds have hair, and Remington doesn’t, as so Remington is more dark and have a mark, like a star below his right ankle, I discovered that last night.” This is so amazing, they brother Kay, are so amazing, it is all amazing, you being here and all, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them again, my first nephews. Which remind me, I better get,  the last storm damaged the  vegetable bed, and you know dad, don’t want him trying to fix it by himself,  you need a ride? Actually I do, …I’ll give you a few minutes to visit, take a water break, meet you in the hall about twenty minutes? Yes, great, thanks, ah my god Caleb, what did you say to him? I just remind him, despite how tragic life is always until Christ return, it, goes on and we broken heart, blood, bone  and mind all, we have to go on as well, wow, I mean I knew he had it in him, this wonderful kindness but it’s been  a long time since I’ve seen it, just be careful what you say, he’s a yet tender box of mixed feelings, possibly let him lead you all into  a particular conversation, …got ya,    >>> So, can you believe we’re here? No, it’s like one of your dreams and I here, in it,  Preece and Preecst McPhearson, Sia Deburk will surely see you  now, ah, I like the sound of that, like honey butter on my tongue, to tickling my ear, this overwhelming. Please the two of  you have a seat, I am Sia Sioux Noel,  this is Sia Cheyenne  and I am Sia, Apache Arrow, please don’t be alarmed of intimidated, it’s clarifies our position as far as the African Juttah.  I’ve, well, Sia Juttah, my husband and I have meet and spoken with master builder  Lowd, of the New York territory, you mean the ark’s engineers, yes, that is what I mean, so you’ve visited it’s subaquatic, marine station, Aqua Juttah, it was his ideal, to make it all an underwater project, proving to be  so ingenious, none have the slightest clue, I was to inquire about a launch date, ah, well, Maaseiah herself, has that in her charge, I mean it’s not that we don’t  know, it’s just that we’re to be careful about who is told, what if I simply say a date and you give a nod of agreement or not?  What are these games Preecest? No, game, just something I saw in a dream, I was being taken away as the church captured this way,  and on the passenger  manifest,  I say a date, of September the 25 this was like two months prior , 2015,  soon to be a year, in just over three months, so you saw the date, but not the year, that is correct,  then Preecest Regan Central, you know just as well as we ourselves, no more no less, so it is true, western civilization is in a slow motion exodus and will little admit it and thus know it.  When is the unborn do? Ah, well, thanks for reminding me, he could  be Juttah born is that why you as k this? Good day Preecest, you and yours be well, thank Ctentri  that you lend us this mercy, no doubt we have and will.”      >>>When Soap first told me what your father and his sons were doing,  that he had a call on his life like a Noah, I thought you all crazy. I’m sure Epiphany, please may I call you that? Yes, of course, it’s just that it so lovely, any way, we have to imagine that is how the people felt as well about Father Noah, that’s including his family, though the supreme proved him, His will being done, and now millions are saved by this one father’s obedience, as in the beginning.  Now it’s  a it should, even would be, all people of all nations, these marriage worshippers of Christ, living a peace on earth, this Africa made an Eden paradise, none thought possible, and soon, Christ calling us all home to celebrate, yeah, like so many, I can’t wait, the golden streets, the crystal, streams, the pearl gates all named for the twelve, the cities and mansions upon mansions of believers, just this beyond comprehension place, eyes hath not seen, all.  I don’t know Epiphany what you want from me, I married Joslyn into all eternity, we have a son, Herenton, I know the vows are until death do part us, but I remain this faithful to her, hoping perhaps the Juttah will restore them both  ….as with them Henry,  now even more, nothing is impossible.  I understand, good, I told Jasmane that you would, ah, when, what does he have to do with this? He loves you, he always have, you Epiphany know this, is he so bad? Seeing she is to cry, and swab spills from her tender cheeks, her eyes, using a readied napkin to clean her nose, breathing, in, out, taxing emotions just right. “No,” ingesting a tighten, thicken throat to say, had a gentleman like Herenton the third arrived her home just right, having expertly turn her down. Good day to you, Epiphany, don’t misunderstand, you are a prize of woman, even Juttah wife, but I’ve already been blessed with mine, you are stunning, and Jasmane, I know him so well, be safe Henry,  I will love you always,” hearing the creak in her voice, even as she said, even as she got away, did it spin him into additional emotions, about his own at limits  situation as this. “well I’m gonna hear about this, I will always love Joslyn, and in a marriage, will only pose not resolves a problem.”                      
…And They That Went In, Went In Male and Female Of All Flesh…
                                                    Scene XIX
     Well, did that Preecest Regan go as well as you contemplated, I can Phearson only guess, you know I heard Phearce, they’re really stunning looking men, they really are, what time are we to be the airport? I’m surprised babe you didn’t ask to commandeer one of the Heir Juttahs, ah I was tempted, and they being so generous, I possibly would’ve gotten it.  How do we Phearce persuade our families, how do you save them from America? How do we indeed, when all this time they’ve been convinced America is the savior, remember what they say rig about gun confiscation, prying it from their cold, dead hand, I fear that’s how millions here and world wide feel about especially, America, Britain and Canada period, and father Lowd has an Aqua Juttah and I can’t wait to see it, you really Rig think it’s to be that easy, how reveled these things to me and how tremendously worthy is he? Father Lowd knows this, know that it won’t be long before I know, before I’m told, so the Sia Tribe didn’t question because Ctentri, Preece Ctentri, they call him, possibly told you what them what you wanted? Or Phearce what I suspected, there they are, we’re right on time it seem, the airport seem really busy, maybe they know what we know , I wish, that would make our outreach most beneficial, you think? Hello you two, we were beginning to think you all weren’t coming, what’s happening, seem we have a private Jet, what? Yeah, they’ve Ctentri, and You Regan Central, an Heir Juttah, no, ah my Christ is Jesus,  you’re serious, there it is right there, willing and waiting.  I don’t believe, with a kindly attentive Phearson taking her carry on baggage, letting the mere shock of her, of them lead her on, had not in their lives felt so privileged with everybody that was anybody looking.   I was just teasing her about asking for a loan of one of these special jets, just joking you know, and look at where we are, the pilot will take us straight to the location of Aqua Juttah, and home from there, Regan, that was she was dumbfounded with awe, not making a sound, only laying her head, closing her eyes to relax. I hear you, I hear all of it, I’m just so mesmerized, I’m  letting my heart caught up with my breath.     >>>”Father, are  you alright? I am, ah god you frighten me, I got here as fast as I could, thinking alone you might hurt yourself, peace son, I’m fine, I think I got it, just need you to critique the work. So how was the visit? Fine , just fine, to hold them in my hands, what a beyond description, we are truly wondrously made, yea, my son, what a mighty God we serve,  someone is pulling up, hum, I wonder who that could be? I’ll do this father, you go and see,  hello there sir, having bags in hand, a wife, an older couple as himself,  you are Mr. Lowd, right? I am, father Lowd some call me, ah thank God, thank God we found you, nay I Mr. Lowd shake your hand, even hug you if you don’t mine, we are Ty, Tyson’s parents, ah my god is Christ, yeah, all the way from Ethiopia, first we land at port Madagascar , Juttah now,  so is my son here, is he fine? So fine his wife, my only daughter  is with child, come, come up to this, he’ll be here real soon, are those, yes, elephants, but don’t be alarm, they don’t mean any harm, and right over that lift there, you’re fine a family of  Giraffes, and other alike creatures as far as you can see, just mingling, mating, and feeding, welcome to Juttah Africa Kenya, welcome to fresh air, so much so, make you a little light head at times.”  You did this, weekly people are being loaded on those great shifters of yours,  shifters huh? Yes sir, that’s what they’re called, they saved millions bringing them safely across the waters, here, there and everywhere, I could, we Ursula, here and I we couldn’t be here without it. well I’m happy, I only did what I was told, despite how ridiculous it all seem, regardless of how they laugh me to scorn, I knew God was a God of his word good or bad.  Moma Lowd! Bringing them right into a simple house, with simple furnishing, appliances, and all other things need be , just as they expected, only more, much more.  look who I found coming up the road there, it’s Ty, his parents, they’ve travels for months and days to find him, well, welcome, surely welcome, what a miracle, indeed, sit, have something to eat, drink, both if you don’t mine, said they here babe because of the greater shifter, the great, that’s what call the great Transporting Arks, the Aqua Juttah, they’re still rescuing people, well hallelujah to the Lamb, Ty is going to be so surprised, he  and Kay went to the market, they walk there everyday this time, it’s good for her, the exercise and all, she being with child, our grand, ah, my middle boy, they got brand new twins, twins, yeah, Reynolds and Remington , ah what fantastic names, yeah both named for characters on television, or something, they some mighty fine boys, mighty. I feel I need I ask, what America like last you was there, burnt up, just as lady prophet said, years ago, what giant waves, and massive storm didn’t carry away, earthquakes and volcanoes, even an asteroid  struck some part of Wisconsin, yes, God didn’t let us until every bit of it was gone, millions died, just millions, it’s only by a miracle, any of us got out of there alive, that we’re sitting here talking to you, ”that daughter of yours,” hearing the screen door slam arriving into the house, happy and tickled, having made the wife a bet, and mocking her as he lost it, “I told her about making,  those,  hello son, turning a hearing ear, and stun look there way, a heart that was now in his stomach, thinking how, or was this really happening? “Dad, mom,” how, literally stumbling at getting straight to them, hugs and kissing and greeting, and tears though he asked and prayed for this, never thinking he would see them again. “It’s my parents,” showing herself as shocked as husband Tyson himself,  all that wasn’t possible was happening right now,  “the supreme wife has answered our prayers,, Key,  Kegan, come, come , they’re here for you as well,”  it is really nice Kegan to finally meet you, and you madam Wells, father Wells, let’s sit, yes, well I set the table for dinner, ah my God, It’s as if a dream, but you are really here, what about Jen? Jen is married with husband, like you  sweet girl a new born on the way,  Port Juttah Madagascar, her fate is decided and she is fix, didn’t want any of this, its ok papa, we pray for her, yes, I wanted to find my son, I said I find my son Lord, please lead the way, well you did, you and mom did really good, yes, they wanted to take, her, take your mom for payment, I explained how broken covenant are this curse on us both and they left her alone, wow papa, both scary  and glorious at the same time.”     
                         …As God Hath Commanded Him…
                                                 Scene XX
     “What did you do? I told her the truth, I’m married to the Juttah, I believe one day when Christ reign, it will restore husbands and wives again, children, mightily glorified, I will brother be with my family again.  What make you think that will be possible? No marriage there, in the Kingdom Throne, not the Kingdom Age, after Jesus was glorified he was capable of performing everything humanly possible, things he had no purpose for in heaven, but on earth, being human serves a direct purpose brother and having a mate, procreating the earth is one of them. Do you really believe death can separate you Caleb from them, they are as ascended ad they are living, we are, all those who are Christ, we are now that Christ explaining  how his kingdom, his soon to be millennium isn’t of this world, but that righteous, pure foundation Elohim laid long ago, now made new, now our inheritance . Jasmane love her, will make a good husband, those named sons and daughters of her a good father, if she would just for a time turn from the crush she think she must have. Jasmane, really? Yes, and that’s Jasmane Decimus  Lorenze, ah thanks for that clarity,  you don’t have to worry about me, I married my match made in heaven, all of us did and is hers, I know this, been reassured of this and so has she, admittedly she love him, admittedly, wholeheartedly, if she follow it,  concede she’s wrong about me,  well he’s here to see you, whose here to see me? Your man, Jasmane Decimus Lorenze as you say, said you posted some job, ah yeah, an undersea man,  why you just now tell me, is mom at the house? She is, and company, company? Tyson parents arrived yesterday, what, yeah, said they been traveling forever to find him, and they did, you should hear the stories, very heroic stuff, said they wanted him to trade his wife for their help, said he told them she was a covenant he made with God, that they’d all be cursed if he, they broke it, said they left them alone because of it, wait, ah my god what? Like I said brother, some really amazing stuff,”     >>> ”JD, you wanted to see me? Believers, this is what Caleb thought to himself, as he watched his astonishing brother work that baffling belief of his, spread it all around, “believers,” a shake of the head, along a gracious grin, had his big brother as usual, really told him something, now this husband in waiting, actually like Christ, to be reunited the Bride, hum, thinking how clever, how clever indeed and perhaps not so sacrilegious at all.     >>>This place Phil, is becoming worse than Sodom every day, there are no reapers to keep it, why it’s a safe haven for non-believers, and all so dangerous. You knew this Jen before they abandon you for your brother,  my folks didn’t abandon me, I’m a ground up, I made a choice, it was you, to stay with my husband, apparently Phillip I care more about him, about his unborn, than  he does his own wife. It is dangerous there, this Juttah place, those reapers hunt you down and they like planet you back into the ground, they don’t hunt you, they don’t tolerate sin, evil or wickedness, they deal with it directly, who wouldn’t want to raise their children in an environment like that? I had a dream about you last night, in the dream Phil I asked you will you ever grow up, as I awaken and contemplated that question, Holy Spirit said, asking you that, was like asking you, will you serve Satan all your life?  It make sense, because the apostle Paul made the comparison to being or becoming a man to one growing up in and as Christ.  To one Phil who is born again, only then are they then a man, or a woman, this heart sacrificial toward all others, I am going,” as one already packing her things, those things most precious to Jennifer Stephan Lopes Wells; hopefully this would include her nearly for a year now husband Phillip Michael Masey. “So you’re saying you’re going with  …with or without you, yes, I can’t let you do that, I won’t let you leave without me, why is it you think all the Island African lands are made safe zone for unbelievers; you think Phil it’s because holy spirit knew they would be  first to come, to land and found a way to spare it’s desperate refugees? Don’t you see, if reapers were here, no flesh would be saved.  I had another dream about you Phil, I was searching for you, your communicator all, this woman answered, soft spoken voice, to denote innocence I guess, admitted she had you, said I was wasting my time, that you had no use, why? You may ask, she further said, because your knees were broken, …knees, well what the hell does that mean? No knees Phil, no repentance, no salvation, you’re damn and destined for hell look all around you, you see demons had already determined your  doomed faith and those all you see not getting to Him, to Jesus, hell hath enlarged itself, it’s even the volcanoes exploding all around,  for that very reason.  So that is why you didn’t follow your parents, to convince me, I treasure you, the only thing more precious is my faith of Christ, every, since you spoke those words to me, I wanted to be your wife, I had to be, …and now you’re hurting mightily, …don’t you see, that’s what love is and only love is worth it, how much did it hurt my parents to leave me? What a sacrifice to wake me the hell up! I treasure this unborn, but he can’t come to me, and be a part of our lives Phil except by pain and blood, agony, beyond imagination,  but once in my, in our arms, it’s done, and in our arms is a more than worthy sacrifice, that we’re now celebrating, please see that, you have to see this. When, when do we leave? Mustif is putting together a party of migrants destined for New Africa Juttahs, I sign us on, the two of us, like you knew I would agree, no, like I knew I have a God who hears me, who hears the heart of us both. I will have to explain this to my family, my sisters, perhaps they too will come, perhaps, but whatever their decision, we’re going home , home, I think I like that,” as one hurriedly sniffing, ingesting and brushing nearing tears away, even blinking his eyes this way, this was so like his new wife, why he chose to be a part of her life, “I think I like that very much.”                    
                                   …And The Lord Shut Him In…
                                               Scene XXI
     “It is even this breaking of the rainbow covenant, it is more than that, it is Ctentri sacrilege against both the Godhead and the Godman, Elohim, and it's as though no one want to say it or admit it.  I was working, assisting Maaseiah lately, I do that when Mr Deburk, or Cheyenne can't. Then she just said one day, apparently Elohim wanted a more incarnate existence which is why he created the Adam, and through him, the woman seed, and through her, the mystery of godliness, Jesus. When I Ctentri judging by the look on your face, became as stun as you, at what she say. Continuing she said, now we, angels and all have a  Supreme, who put on flesh and endured a cross to seal in sacred blood the Adam once in damning transgressions lost, O my God, Cameron, I know, I know, imagine working around a person of such divine light, and she just blurt it out like that.  Equally she said this is possibly what the mutiny in heaven was all about, the war,  Lucifer and a host of heaven rejecting an incarnate existence, which has exploded into this ceaseless earthbound Jihad, to again preserve in holy blood the incarnate God/man,    …even Cam," witness upon as one wiping his nose, even his cheeks, showing himself a little emotional, “the bride, yes, yes, that is so right, she exist only as the bridegroom, right? That’s Cam, one of another’s blood, and both from Elohim God, it explains Maaseiah further said, why Christ so lovingly forewarn Jerusalem how they wouldn't see Him again until they proved, they had a need for him, the heart aching reality of one’s rejection, even abandonment. "My heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowls" and I just stood there silently praying to myself, that I keep in remembrance these amazing things she say. So that's how it is to work or to assist her, and why Ctentri the tribe, globe and all welcome the opportunity. By the way, I' m so sorry about your niece, thank you, truly, she's in beyond a million years of describing it of better places, still Cameron, genuinely, I thank you. So, why is it you truly brought me here, of all places? I'm sorry, of all places? I only mean Ctentri, that it's through the roof expensive and it’s been a while sense I've washed dishes,” breaking them both into highly attentive, eye watering, laughter.  "Ah my God girl, my side is hurting, laughing, that’s funny, seriously Ctentri thanks for this, guys find me real attractive, until they learn I've found "Jesus," and treat it as an unwanted disease. Yeah, I know, up unto a few weeks ago Cameron, ah Cam, I was one of them, only I favored boys. Boys, ah please don't let that scare you,” as one hasting to touch a sorely resigning hand, even spirit of her, though he would completely understand, this. "I'm yet the, I'm untouched, by either, my last such effort, laid the truth flat out for me, you can convert into a same sex mutate, those being against the Genesis, Elohim can't, that's won't have anything to do with you, horrified me clear through, the truth.  Wow,  …yeah, I know, you gonna have anything thing else? No, I'm mightily satisfied, I hope it's ok, what, that you had a sinful past? We all Ctentri, have that, or did you forget? All unrighteousness' is sin, all, no exemptions,  …tell me you ice-skate, ah never in this life, well don't you think stunning man you should give it this try? Well yes, equally stunning lady, I think it is about that time, though lest you forget we have that flight,  ah they’re possibly waiting on us. How could I forget, york of America, ah, but a surprise first, all blinders on, cloak and dagger, are you serious, my lady," not again saying, but to like a gentleman help her on his way, so now you’re the silent type, quite, it’s worth it and beyond, just know that, believe that.”     >>>I thought the Heir Juttah Kesane was this overwhelming, but seeing  this place, it’s a city under water, yeah Regan, but only for  business, construction and storage.” The Heir Juttah having safely arrived them a dock, a marina, where they by a clear elevator moving deeper and deeper into the sea, where all around them were visions, upon visions of heart gripping sea creatures of unbelief.  “So Rig you might guess, the fishery has served as a cover, though it’s a lucrative business, it allows us to move above and beneath the waters as need be, equipment and all, Though no, there was never a desire to live under water, we, man weren’t made for that, we don’t want that for ourselves, nor for our children, we were Kesean created for Eden, and Eden for us, exactly Phearce, exactly. I’m seeing this, breathing this, it is beyond any imagination, you’re saying, Henry, my Henry knew about all of this, your Henry as you say Rig,  he was its chief engineer, then father, myself. Also we brought in marine engineers from around the world, even military, but how could you recruit, these particulars, ah that’s easy, the communicator, what now for thirty years, the marriage worshippers, those doing national and international research, looking for Juttah husbands and wives, believing in a proposed by Maaseiah’s 1996  20 year extension of grace, African Paradise, making it easy for us to know who they are, even their belief status, their expertise, all.  That is also Rig how we compiled the amount of worshippers, and what size and scope the transformers,  …the great shifters… excuse me, in my dreams Kesane, they’re called shifters, really, I like that, they’re responsible for getting millions upon millions to safety, just this incalculable  number I guess you can say, wow, and you’ve seen this as well?.  So how many are there?” That as this elevator finally come to rest, causing all of them to solemnly make this an exit, floor number  0013, whatever that mean. “I’m Branch Vincent by the way, here is my Fiancé Tennyson, and my brother, …our Lazarus, truly so, …ah Ctentri, and his friend, well, our friend, Cameron Adonai, ah Cam,  and we Mr. Lowd want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of this beyond phenomenon, well Preece Branch, if you’re hers, then you’re ours. Lazarus, huh? Well do tell, ah it’s only that less than a week ago, I was in a coffee, and there were those carving out my grave, ah my Jesus is Christ,  …and thank Elohim Preece Kesane, He is. To answer your question Preece Branch, there are twelve original Arks, named for the twelve apostles, Mary Magdalena included, and a thirteen name for the Apostle Paul, and designed especially for the Lowd family, the one you, well we will be visiting in under ah, 15 minutes, as so is there a mission Aqua Juttah, more military, than ark, dark, mysterious, named for Judas Iscariot, we didn’t want to leave him out.  Rig, are you alright, ah, just a little motion sickness I guess, well you all wait here, and I’ll get the lady something to drink, …hey Rig, you sure, we’re not captured into one of your fantastic dreams, if so, let’s kneel, pray, that we never awake, that sound good coming from a Lazurus. Hello Aqua Juttah visitors, my name is Henrico and I’ll be your escort, your imbibe miss, and a mobile if you would like, …no, no I’m feeling much better. You are now entering the Aqua Juttah Apostle Paul, this is the astonishing foyer, every luxury you are to imagine, and beyond, all the comforts of home and holiday, all the coziness of a backyard picnic and as so one’s grand, festive jubilee. So how many people does it, or will it, ah, ah   …suffice Me ‘sure? One thousand, One hundred and Forty four to be exact, and that doest include Captain, Crew and Staff, so we’re talking hundreds more than that.  Are they all as fitted with luxuries as this? They are, but just as sound, as expert and serious-minded as a military subaquatic beast under water, I mean that’s where we are right now, we’re in the deep. So you Me ‘sure Henrico live here, ah, this submarine station? I do, but only so many days a week, as Preece Kesane say, man wasn’t built to live under water, only to make its visit from time to time.  As you see all around no expense has been spared, it will arrive any and all miraculously the Juttah or Heaven’s Reign, one day they will both be the same.  Allow me Preecest Regan, that I may bring you to your private stateroom, I have a personal room? Yes, indeed, your dearly departed Preece Herenton insisted,  ‘remember she died in child bearing,’  “ah my god Rig,” as to lose her head, thoughts, a hand over her heart, a stumbled into a caring husband, Phearson arms, a convenient seat for now. “Did I say too much? No, no Henrico, it wasn’t that at all, it’s just so engulfing is it all, even heart gripping, a good thing, I just need a moment, go ahead, we’ll find our way, your estate is 1213, and there are intercoms every corridor, fine me if need be, yes, Henrico, you are most precious, especially for you Preecest. Hey, look at me, you wanna call this off for now? I heard it, and I’m terrified with what it mean, you heard, that sneaking, creeping voice, whispering in my ear, driving me all but crazy, ‘remember she died in child bearing,’   and I don’t think Phearce that’s little Henry, I think it’s what happen to Henry the 4th wife and son, it is apparent he lost them both in child bearing, I thought Phearce once I understood that, that creepy voice would leave me, even us alone. Childbearing Rig is both this clarity and this mystery, this faith and this fear, no one fully know until it’s fullness of time, right? So trying to lean unto our own understanding is madness, we walk by blessed assurance, we hope for the best, leaving our Holy Lord Rig to discern the rest. Then yes, I want to see it, the, my personal state room, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait, what a phenomenon already, with minds, hearts as just blown, though being under water Rig, it yet gives me chills.”                     
                      …And The Flood Was Forty Days Upon The Earth…
                                                      Scene XXII
     What are you thinking? You think they would let us stay here, you mean you would actually stay here, the drop of a hat, whatever you call it. My lord, you’re serious, it’s everything, are you seeing what I am seeing, we go to the chapel, we kneel before our Christ Lord now present we avow ourselves to  them, to ourselves, and we live right here until it’s time.  You’re forgetting one thing, we’re not on the list, I did lots of research per the communicator obviously looking for you,  didn’t you? A few time yes, then it’s all possible, you heard what Kesane said, if we belong to Regan, then we’re family, ah yeah I definitely caught that, flopping this weary one the bed, of a bedroom , a stateroom so luxurious, as those it was the grand room of a castle itself,  just this master of an overstay  I didn’t tell you, but Henrico say we’re in a 72 hour stay unless there is an urgency to leave this place, ah my god, well what do the others think? They seem to be just as elated, Ctentri say all the better then he and Cameron Amirah are to grow together this one, you think this is the Tribe plan all along, once they comprehended Regan’s inquiry? Perhaps, all I know is this is place for now, is like heaven under the sky, earth and sea, and I can’t wait to see what’s for dinner, pending my fair lady our orders, to be to injected right here , all this spoilage, the meek shall inherit it all remember, reaping thousands of years of martyrdom’s blood. Such this extraordinary reminder, look at this, all these various underground creatures, so vast, so stunning, so certain and uncertain and here we are, Noah’s renewed Ark, yes like the last Adam.”      >>>”No, no wait,” as those standing in front of  world’s  enormous aquarium, of some the most seeming alien of sea creatures, mammoth and minuscule, “I’m telling there’s nothing there, believe me Branch it is, you just have to wait and see, I’ve been through this literal library  of sea creatures, I haven’t been able to fine nothing like it, well look, the others want to know, are we dining alone or with them, the hour for supper is come, ah, what you think? Tall, dark, expert,  possibly of Latino descent, such an expert being, those dreamy eyes to die for, and smell just as good as he appear.  “I miss their company, and one more night, we’re back to the strange world above, to demands of life and ah so crooked paths and partnership, as my love, husband and wife, an all the more daunting challenge.  Let’s go to them, I can’t wait to see, to hear what versions of conversations will no doubt rise, maybe Ctentri will talk more of his visit to heaven, or Regan her dreams which are just as extraordinary, or just think Preece Branch Vincent, we wouldn’t even be here, we didn’t even know such places existed, except per Regan’s Dreams, hey, you get no argument me, and when we’re return, we can Preecest most of all continue our beneath the sea honeymoon, are at all certain Preece husband, you can await?     >>>”Tell me again Ctentri this is not a dream, it is all Cam, just Jesus lamented from the cross, this astonishing beyond description finished, at least that’s how I see it, and not even the gates of hell was able to prevail against it, us, not even never trillions of years yet to come of it.  Ah, our friends approach, wow you guys look so incredible, as do you two, even supply us gowns and such, so incredible, wait until you see the dining area, through the heavens incredible, so Cam tell us, about the DHMBIM.G movement? The ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Married/Genesis,’ well it’s funded by the Juttah, and the Globe, the Tribe, it’s a protest I guess you can say against the homophile lifestyle, where the P for Pedophile revelation is the reminder, that neither President, Pope, Preacher/Pastor nor Parents are going to stand in the judgment for you, they having atrocious transgressions of their own. You either like a King Nebuchadnezzar wake from all this homophile madness and return to the Christ Elohim had for you, this first ever love, blood redemption or forever perish in a burning fire, he instead had for Satan and fallen Angels, it is as Christ, a strait path, gate that few travel, but it’s making it’s mark, hopefully waking up some to repent.  I feel Cam, the cross know outreach at this point is as taxing as waiting for change in a wrap around the world plenty of times line, this mentally and heart challenging, but it’s at least it’s something, meaning our labor isn’t in vain.”     We so need Jesus reappearing, yeah, did hear, Maasieah received a word early last year, not that Jesus is coming, he’s been coming, returning for thousands of years, but that he’s actually on his way here.  Good evening, ladies and gentle, Preece and Preecest, welcome to the Aqua Diner, I am Sebastian your host for this evening, as you await your dinner’s preparations, what is your best imbibe, we have a list of wines here, and other such beverages here, and I will receive promptly for  your desired choice, …Regan, yes, don’t wake me, just let me dream, dream and dream away, ah, me too, ok, ok, I hear both of you guys, how about Preece and Preecest Branch Vincent? Ah, yes, add us to the do not disturb, wake us list, so, so, charming all of you, I was thinking Preecest Regan, again not alarm, but in case you go into labor, well I’m told there’s a medical team made available as long as I’m here, you’re serious? That’s what I was, told, seem we have more company, what a surprise, a good one I hope, for a certainty, please join us, this you all is my Preecest newly wedded, Nicole Mercedes Searcy, these are my, well our friends and family, Regan and her Preece Phearce, Branch Vincent and his Preecest Tennyson, ah, Preece Ctentri, Lazarus, and his friend, Cameron, Cam, I hope that’s all right, and yes, I practiced it, to make certain I get it right.  It is nice to meet other of the African Juttah, even the Septennial, I too like to be welcome, as I welcome everyone. First I’ll say, is this place beyond wonderful, it is, they all agree, making ready to toast their glasses even as they were being served, wine, or its kind, tea’s and even various soda’s, pitchers of water.  So Preece Engineer Darius is this a 72 hours stay, or are we being held these already spoiled captives? Which is your choice? So how are you guys liking all of this so far? Like, we just vowed never to be awaken again, it’s that mesmerizingly overwhelming, please tell us, how did you ever do this. Haven’t you Preece Branch heard, eyes, hath not seen, nor  has ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man,” that by now they were all joining in, even darius prized wife, yet clinging to his masterful arm, simultaneously quoting this indescribable  saying of a blessed assurance, “the things god hath prepared for those who love him.”  When I learn, Phearce, Regan, that you were here, I couldn’t resist joining you, I mean right now, it’s as Maaseiah  say, Jesus forewarn his Jerusalem, that when they shall see the things we’re seeing right now, standing the holy place, to flee,  yet we just sit, the world of chaotic disasters at  limits all round us and we just sit, so where are we, or kind you tell us, we’re in one of the most mysteriously misunderstood and dreaded places on the earth, meaning further we’ve lassoed the Bermuda Triangle, surely darling husband not us,  …ok, ok, not fair,  I think you just woke me up!” The Bermuda Triangle, surely Darius you gest, no, no, no I don’t, to make the ordeal that much more private, Herenton thought there couldn’t be a better place. I would have never guessed we were in the North Atlantic, only miles from Miami, that Bermuda, you’re lost even as you arrive in it, but surely Holy Spirits can’t be bamboozled by their own manufacture, right?                      
                    …And The Waters Increased And Bore Up The Ark…
                                              Scene XXIII
     ‘He was only Nae telling you what he think, Jasmane has always been crazy about you, yeah, just as crazy as I am about Henry. I believe Henry was trying to  get you to reconsider if his wife and child was present, and no way you could have him, what then Nay, who then, or would you continue on single, forgetting your named children? Wow, I never would’ve thought of it that way, which is why he presented himself, as a man yet married with children, because Nae, heartily he truly is, that is how he feel and there’s no undoing it.  I know for a certainty Henry find you very attractive, possibly a wife if he didn’t have one, so just think how hard it was for him to turn your affections toward someone else. You know that completely picturesque, you holding them, beast to breast, and they even asleep loving their mother to death. Yeah I’m sitting here wondering how to get free of them, without waking them so I get in the bath, the shower, well let me help you. So when the last you saw him, talk to him, Jasmane I mean? I saw him only this morning, but only a nod, into a wave, a smile at getting away, I mean he’s alright and stuff, ok, ok, he’s kind of gorgeous, I don’t know, probably one day, you say that Nay like he’ll always be there, right again, my sister, you go, I’ll watch them, be glad to, ok, thanks, I can’t wait to feel hot water on my skin.”    >>>”You is the man, that’s all I’m to say, I don’t know about that, I could hardly sleep from thinking about her, how I turn her affections from me toward someone else, the right thing I know. “So how long of a break this time, a few minutes, here, then home see Soap, the twins, then back to the center a few more hours, it been a while you’ve caught this much a load, lets you know, Jasmane really is a fisherman, as he said so. Wow dad is going to be happy, so they still have company? Yeah, he going out with us tomorrow, Father, gonna teach him the fishery, so they maybe company for a while. I’m gonna go up and see what momma got on that stove of hers, or inside the oven, talk to you later, you know if you change your mind, it’s not my mind that’s made, it’s my heart, I’ll shake it off, I know what I’m doing brother, and why, alright goodnight, sweet sleep to you then, yeah, you, Soap and my nephews as well.    >>> ”If what you say son is true, why didn’t she leave with her parents, because dad now she’s a wife, carrying my child, and no way could she have convince me then. Let me take the girls, my sisters, they’re have a much better life there than here, that’s son nothing less than a God to Abraham’s son Isaac request, can you see that and you’re not God, not even close, I can say father, neither are you an Abraham, not even close, who the hell you think you’re talking too? “Getting angrily in his son’s face, even pushing his shoulder all to bate, him, was he little to start a fight with his father, just that the same could be said of either, I’m just saying father it is a sacrifice, and no sacrifice is easy, why it’s even deemed so, the spirit is willing but the flesh, the harden heart is cemented against it, who the hell are you and what have you done with my son? You think I don’t know what you’re doing, you think if you take my girls, your mother and I can’t do anything but tag right along.  Get out, ..Phil… no Lorry, he is not our son talking like that, you are not my son, why, because I want what’s best for all of us, ah, and now you’re to decide what that is, no dad the supreme, that’s what his kingdom age is, or all of this, for all these years, the sweat, blood and tears, even Papa his, was all for nothing can’t you see, that? Leave, go on with this pretend of a Bride,  we don’t want any of it, never have, never, will, and yes, that goes for your mother, and your sisters, ok, ok, I can’t say I didn’t try, yeah you tried, only you failed, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye! I’m not even gonna tell you godspeed, Phil honey, please, don’t be so mean, we may never see him again,  yes, papa, your only son, …then I’ll just pretend I never had one,  …thanks mother, please explain to my sisters, I will, you be careful, take care of your Jennifer, as well, If I can mother, I’ll bring word to you again, thanks son, godspeed to you, thanks again mother, be well, tell father I love him regardless, and godspeed to him.” 
                                …And It Was Lifted Up Above The Earth…
                                                     Scene XXIV
     “I still don’t Darius see how it’s possible, that my Herenton knew of all of this, and kept it this secret, yeah but don’t be alarmed, he had too, we all did, do, until a specific time that is. Though once you and he was married, probably Rig, another maddening thing making him this anxious, not to justify, only to clarify.  It’s wordless, I’m sitting here, living, eating and drinking here, even living here and yet, it’s so unbelievable. Well, we will Rig see Henry again, New Jerusalem, or the African Juttah, yes, yes, I’ve seen him arrive there, excuse me, …well I’d not said anything, but I later witness Henry arrive Africa’s Juttah. Well, that was after a horrid of things, but Holy Lords by their mercy, respective of his repentance, did indeed arrive him there.  A lot of people would think that’s unfair after what he did, yes, true, those Phearce who don’t know or little regard God’s mercy, He is a Righteous Judge and One of His Word, seeing Herenton blood redeemed proves it. Well what Regan Central of this amazing diffusion you most of all remember? Ah, that’s Darius easy, how immediately he was forewarn of the grave procedures, of the reapers and the that hill of ill repute, Negeb Ophel , …wow, so it’s really there? Yeah, and exist as well first thing, is a wall filled with the missing, and desperate loved ones that surrounds all of it with prayers, vigils and well wishes.  The things my wife see, yes, well Phearce, I didn’t ask for any of it, I think, Holy Lord uses these gifts like a manner of blessed assurance, reminding me Regan, Phearce, the rest of you,  of what Jesus explained to the believing thief, how that very day he would be in paradise with Him, like Caddy, and you Ctentri were, you were? You had like a near death experience, ah, more than that Preece Darius sir, I actually climbed out of a casket only hours before the funeral, …out of a casket? So you visited there? I did, well, my Christ, tell us! I can’t, it’s Darius that incomprehensible, it’s a heavenly city, for as far as the eyes could see, and all of its heir to God’s Throne people, places and things, it’s New Jerusalem soon to arrive a New Heaven and earth, here, this planet forever and ever, yeah, Maaseiah think it’s why the earth is now returning back to it’s chaotic self, to help rid the planet of all man induced rebellion, and asking of us, what of man shall be able to stand? The answer Cam being nothing, …so you all have met her, ah Maasieah? I have met her, but Cameron Amirah, has actually worked alongside, her, right? That I have and it’s like visiting in the midst of this revelational light, that pours and pours from her, never ending, that sound like Christ Himself, well he and his bride are one and we’re all bidden to its wordless marriage supper His Blood hath for them both, well us, Maaseiah seem to think not far from now at all, at lest that’s what Holy Spirit are saying and demonstrating to her.  That will explain mom talking about that old spiritual she haven’t heard since she was child getting struck in her head, “Oh when the saints go marching in,” she was singing, Brist was like is something you made up, and mom was no, it’s song, I have heard or song since I was a little girl, we thought it so amazing.  May ask how is she, Bristol? You Regan after that testimony of yours, quite the believer, not so much doubt as she was, and I’m so happy for her, well for us, will Bristol marry? Ah, that that’s what you mean, yes, a Nicolai Francolin Benjamin, ah love at first sight for them both, she the English instructor and he the foreign student, they to marry in like, less than three month, his home, the Greek Island, so just imagine Regan, just imagine. They possibly Regan yet undecided, as we ourselves, spend their honeymoon here, you’re be surprised, thousand how many people are so uncomfortable with being under water.        
                                  And The Waters Prevailed
                                            Scene XXV
     "So you guys still undecided? Well Darius, we been thinking about it, which is such this beyond anything temptation. Though we all yet have the responsibilities' above, that's true Ctentri, we all have those, we have to get back to jobs, family friends, all.  So you and yours Darius here to stay? Yeah, I mean we're talking a couple of months and we launch Aqua Juttah, so this is home for now, all our responsibilities top soil, done.  To be honest Darius, give Tenny and I like two weeks, and we're back here to stay, sail away, whatever, we trust it, we'd made wedding plans that included the Juttah, regardless. Thank you for this," seriously, surprisingly  cuffing his head, at bringing it close to his, this dramatic look, whisper into a stun, Phearson's ear, this his ex-lover, Branch Vincent.  "My natural wife Tenny is so amazing in our blood marriage as yours and Regan's will be," Phearcson McPhearson always  finding the relationship more cursive than to admit.  "Why are you thanking me? Because without you Phearce with Regan I would never see, especially with the Highest Religious Order, the greatest Office, in the land, and  world, the highest court, senate, congress, the greatest of technologies all  Phearce now supporting this epidemic, even authentic axis of evil ok, ok, I got you, I got you, you're hurting my neck," wrestling away as one cutting that one million dollar smile at him, comprehending being free of such a wickedness now deeming Regan Central, The Paris Globe, and Marriage worshippers, all of Christ, this divine credit. “Last I read one of the Globes articles, quoting a Maaseiah Adonai, saying, the broken rainbow covenant poured out and inundated us with floodwaters,  that by a severed Christ Cross , now the world is being inundated in its shedding of blood, and who you guys want to be here for that? That’s Darius like saying, for the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand? I am as well Branch, immediately reminded of Revelations greatest inquiry regarding the elite right now, their attitude toward the end of all things, you know building better fallout out shelters. It’s eerie Phearce you would even say that, Maaseiah also told me of a dream, regarding this maze of a fallout shelter we were all captured in. As do soon, just this line upon line at people awaiting each their turn at a water cooler, only when it was hers, she now representing the Trib-saints, bride now gone, a woman with several black bowls approached, as Cam in vials right? Yes, I mean I guess, that soon their conversation went from those desperate at this water cooler to this woman pulling from her pocket, a business card for better homeless shelters, you all get it, not better homes and gardens, yeah Cam, its gone, over, what never should've been, that's 2000 more years of rebellious men, ain't no more, nothing but greater than any imaging troubles, then Jesus' Reign immediately to follow.  No you guys, no, what’s a better homeless shelter than all of western civilization as ever been or will ever be? The Regan Cross of Jesus, there’s nothing better, first the temporal unto eternity, and the second death hath no power, my Jesus is Christ I would’ve never thought of that, a maze of a homeless shelter, that’s what all of are born into. In that amazing validation was the reminder, all things seen you guys, are temporal, even this time-based homeless shelter, heaven being our, mankind’s authentic home, again eternal.  Branch, Phearce is right, you and Regan are simply masterful together, what a stunning revelation, so what you guys want as a last supper, you know until we're all together again? Man, Darius, did you just read my mind, I am starved, yeah well when are you not, starved? So Preecest Tenny it begins, what begins, silly? The husband and wife parody of one the other? Those at times to sweet, yeah Branch, and at others times so bitter, hey, babe you alright, no,” bringing sparking eyes, emotions right into her nose, a spill along her now flushed cheeks, this positive she was in labor. “I think I'm in labor you guys, I'm so sorry,  …sorry, what so, I get on with the Medics, get her down to emergency. We were having such a good day, …and Rig, this miracle will only add to it! I don't know,” crying again, this alarmed, especially the warnings, about dying in child birth. “You stop this, I know he's early, but you know Rig, little Henry has a mind of his own." This is fine, we are, there's no reason to be overly alarmed by any of it, yeah, I think little Henry is in charge, exactly sweet heart, exactly.     >>>”I’m sorry Phil your father said that, yeah he was really mean, really bad, I don’t think my sisters are safe with him, if you know what I mean, especially the more he drink, that alone terrifies him of the Juttah. Holy Lords Phil, as long as we believe, they will find a way, they always will, that’s possibly our guide, “as one readied into a knock at the door, a peep out the curtain, seeing it was instead that lest suspected. “My lord Phil, it’s them, it’s your mom and your sisters, wh, what do you mean? As one breaking toward her this urgent, opening the door to a teary eyed mothers, a fasten quickly upon him hug. “I want you to take them, hey you guys, come in, hello Jennifer, yeah, hello, …hello the both the you, why don’t you  follow me for something to drink, we like your place, so you guys being twins, which is which? How did you ever manage, last night Phil son was the only night he’s left them alone, in a long time, I think the argument with you, made this difference, so while he was passed out, I got them, to you as quickly as I could, I think I cried all the way here, then you’re to come as well, no, no, I won’t abandon him, losing you and the girls, even the, well, if this don’t him wake up, nothing will, now how about that something to drink your lovely wife mention.  They tell you? I heard you ask about their names, since Phil’s father named, him, then I was given to name the girls and my mind drew a blank, and I do Jennifer darling mean exactly that, I couldn’t think for the life, or spirit of me. So I picked up my bible, turn to songs of Solomon and one of the first words I saw was Kedar and one of the second was Engedi, then Rose and Sharon, so the first born became Kedar Rose, and the second Engedi Sha’ron, …wow mother Lorry, what an amazing testament, yes, well, thanks, I let the bible named them, …and Jenni, our nick names, are Rose, and Gedi, …well it is so nice to meet you all, so lovely even as your brother, and that would be our guide, I’ll let them in, you all say, well you know.  Mother, Rose, Gedi, you all are sure about this? Is this doubt son because you fear what your father will do? You have nothing to fear, he will not lay a hand on me, how, how did you ever find me, us? I had you followed, you what? Mother! I had to  know where to find you if I changed my mind, or even your fathers, without Cedar as guide, we wouldn’t, couldn’t have ever found you. Look my sweet girls, mind your brother, he is much older, and will be a guardian, like a parent over you. That mean, if I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t have brought you to him, thank you mother for this trust, just take care, take care of all of you, now to cry myself back home to him, be blessed mother, godspeed, you too my beautiful son, I knew you had all of this in you, I just knew it, and does your father too.”
                            …And Increased Greatly Upon The Earth…
                                                  Scene XXVI
     A false alarm, I hope Darius you didn’t alert your mother, no, Rig, I didn’t , good, thanks, so wise of  you. I hear the medical staff  want you to stay, that it will be best, best for little Henry I guess, but what about my brothers, who will  tell them,  the Aqua Juttah will alert all of them, I don’t understand, your brother’s Rig  are affiliated with the Coogan firm, another one of the Juttah’s members, all of its staff , as that of  York’s Dissausion, of the Paris Globe, are some of the first to go. So you’re darius telling me my brothers, their wives, all know about this, not so much this Rig, persay, but the exodus of westernize civilization yeah, like you, like all of us, denial or trust, they’ve known. Did you all do something to me, to make me go into labor so conveniently? Rig! I’m just saying Phearce, how perfect to protect what’s happening here, than to do all things possible to keep us here. I’m Rig, reminded of a dream, in the dream the Bridegroom had come and rescued all of you, left me, I guess this uncertain, so when I realized I picked up the phone, and I made this call, and you, Tenny, the only one at that time not in America, you was in Germany, you picked up, and you explained why I was  left, asked me if I was ready? Next I knew, you all had arrived back to me, to take me you see, and you Tenny approached me, only you had the appearance of Cameron here, that was before I knew you, and you asked me, “are you ready, and just after that I heard a voice lament, “it’s all about Cameron,”  and I guess you guys you can look at it as my carriage awaiting, the next I know I was entering this car for departing, and on the door was written a date, September, 25th and the dream was lifted. It was long after that,  I was reminded of a world leader Cameron, I did like this research, unlike now at present, I couldn’t find anything on him, not until like a week, later, he ordering UK’s troops, to target terrorist leaders on Syrian soil, killing two, that was a year ago you guys this month, or the next, now He, Cameron’s  in the news everywhere, every day, about what they’ve named this Brexit, and the date Sweptember 25th is again only a couple months away, as Darius here said. I take it, Ctentri when you saw this date, you didn’t see a year, I didn’t, and it was so fast, so fast before I realize Phearce what it was I was actually seeing, wow, wow we, there is such this beyond divinity of an urgency to get the bride out of here, yeah, they’re threatening nuclear war, and even Yellowstone is ramping up, Maaseiah, traced the timing of the demonstrations of the greatest gathering to be, around the same time the earth was threaten by a nuclear disaster, even its failing nuclear plants, just think about that, it’s time you guys, it’s as Maaseiah say, we’re, well, the Bride is running out of reasons for being here, yeah meaning it’s solely for prophetic forewarnings, out reach. Wow Centri, what an amazing dream, and the timing, using Cameron’s dealings along nation building as this particular, marker,  at first you didn’t see him, now he’s everywhere. Yeah and Cameron bombing in Syria, supposedly targeting IsIs, Russia didn’t trust it, brought his allegiance to Assad’s support, yeah making nations of the free world even more batty, anxious  and deadly than before, truly, how will they ever stand up to Russia, yeah, as China is always pending as this allegiance, never on earth before have we been this close to  the fulfillment of the seven years of Jacob’s troubles, all you guys come out of thousands of years of prediction, per the Obama Administration assigned two weeks and seven years.  You are Ctentri sure about the date you saw? Yeah, because I remember thinking, even this panic, how I only had like two months more or less to get me and mine to safety, to get out, even get out of the way of the cataclysmic troubles coming.  So Rig there’s the answer to your question, not me, or us at all, perhaps, not even little Henry, but Holy Spirits all the more reassuring this is happening, and it is happening right now!  I must talk to my brothers, they’ll know what to do about father, and mother, yeah, that Rig is my problem, my family isn’t  affiliated with any of these things, ah I wouldn’t Phearce be so quick to judge, and you Branch, isn’t your father the well-known evangelist Paylor? Well, yes, how you know that? This is just the reminder you guys, all those who faithfully belong to Christ, will escape, by air, land, sea or divine intervention, all, it’s the answer to Jesus’ requesting the saints to pray they’re found worthy to escape, by His Blood, the answer is yes, they all need to get to this world end time ark of salvation, or be left to the worse trials this earth has endured ever, or shall ever endure again, this is what you tell them, so you guys, it is there affiliation with Jesus which will determine their safety into their escape and all of you if I’m not mistaking like myself, come from families of believers, right?” Therefore Branch, I knew by the research I do, so I’ll guess we’ll meet you all in the dining hall, the last supper until we all meet again, yeah, we’ll right behind you all.”               
                          …And The Ark Went Upon The Face Of The Waters….
                                                        Scene XXVII
     “Epiphany, well hey, what a surprise, what is that lovely smile all about, so tell me again, what the name of our children will be? What, instantly filling her eyes with tears, her tan cheeks with spills, at the realization of what he was hinting, that he would indeed be a husband to her, and she his long awaited wife. “I don’t understand, will I read scripture clearly, on marriage, and the only time a married person is free to marry again is when the first covenant of marriage end in one or the others death, that such is not realized in heaven, there is no marriage there, only a marriage supper, finalizing our Oneness as Bride with Christ, The Bridegroom.  That mean you and I will marry? “Yes, big wedding and all, if that’s what you want, as long Henry as it doesn’t prevent us of the Juttah vows. You are sure about this, absolutely sure? Having taken her by her tiny waist, this eye to eye stare, as at this very moment, it was all about her. “I want it, I’ve always wanted it, wanted you Henry, to be Mrs. Herenton Egan the Third, always.  What about you? Seeing he’s to move off solemnly, even as though he’d just as suddenly changed his mind, “Henry, please, look at me, I ask, what about you? I love you, I’ve fought against those feelings mightily, you being Joslyn sister, and my Henry’s aunt, what everyone thought made our marriage perfect, I thought it made it not right, but if you Epiphany Adonai will have me, I’ve prayed, that for whatever time we’re to have I’m to be a perfect husband to you, as you need me to be, and lest you Mr. Herenton the Third, forget,” as one drawing close, folding herself again into his amazing, sorely intimidating arms,  panic heart, breath, our at least three children, ah yeah, let’s Epiphany not ever forget, our preciously named children.”     >>>”Hey,” giving her a little shake of her shoulder, not really wanting to wake her, but had an apparent fatigued Regan Central been asleep like forever.  “Yeah, remember me, there you are, I’m sorry to  wake you, but you slept through breakfast, and now you’re sleeping through lunch, and I’m just curious, of what little Henry must be thinking? Ah, it really smell good, and what’s that, dessert? Ah, some apple crumble quite delicious, all smothered in ice cream, I think I’ll have that first, no miss lady you won’t, veggies, seafood, and water, well ok, daddy Phearson,  no, just a caring husband, …so what did I miss being asleep? Branch, Tenny, Ctentri and Cameron left, what about Cameron, you think she’s returning? That perhaps she find us a little insane, well so do I, but I’m still here, that’s because you Mr. Phearce is too arrogance to admit, you’re spiritual unto a heart to mental illness yourself, ah, and I suppose this is a diagnoses from Dr. Reagan Central, uhhh, doctor, I think I like that better than Attorney Regan Central. Which Rig remind me, how are your classes going? Very not easy, don’t think because it’s the communicator it’s to let you off easy, no, it’s much more difficult than being in an actual seminary, to be honest I quite several times. I really miss work,” moving into what appeared to be out the window this giant aquarium of curious to alien sea creatures, and in the distant various named Aqua Juttahs making themselves ready a seeming to despair Phearce McPhearson figured . “I think that is the first time Phearce honey you’ve admitted that,” as one sipping her tea glass, to water glass, anxious to get to dessert, had she not sensed him so sad, that this was now a worry. “Don’t let me Phearce, keep you here, go to top side, visit and see your friends, even say goodbye, there’s no telling when you’ll get another chance of it. No, good as that sound Rig, that is completely out of the question, I will not leave you, it’s not leaving me, plus Darius is here, …yeah Kesane and his wife arrived while you was sleeping, said, mother Lowd, will be here in a couple of weeks, …as I was saying Phearce, I’m far from being alone here, go, do it for me, I want you to, please. Stop it! Branch is saying all these goodbyes for me, and those who want something a little more personal, there’s the communicator, just forget it, what I said, you know, just forget it! Here, come take a bite of this, I have, it’s absolutely delicious and calculating like you I imagine, like we will be in one another’s blood,  that is what Branch Vincent whispered about he and Tenny, yeah Phearce, so seductively, it wasn’t that I swear, he and I Rig were seldom like that.  I think I will have the slightest little bite, right off the tip of your lips,  as one drawing this dangerously, even tantalizingly close, raising, her heart beat, blood boil, this mightily alarmed by him. “Yeah my lovely wife, right there,” an invading kiss so explosive her shoes would of, if she’d some, they would’ve blow right off her shattered, quaking with delight feet. “You’re so right that is way more delicious than what I had, don’t stop, let’s not wait, lets, shhhhh, it’s ok, it is the wait that make us all this indulgence beyond imagination thing, then you Mr, McPhearson is going to have to stop kissing me like that, …tell you what,” just this cute strike to the tip of her nose, of making of space, of making wife Regan Central all the more curious. “Let me get these things back to the kitchen, are you jealous? I don’t understand, that Branch now have someone, at first it was all about you, and he possibly being envious,  …so you’re saying now that tables have somehow turn,  I hate him, I hated Branch Vincent every time he touched me like that, I wanted to die, and at times, I completed not just suicide, but murder suicide, every time Rig, he touched me improperly, you want anything else from the kitchen? I, I, I don’t understand, why did you let him, ah, stay like that, treat you like that? Because I cared more about hurting him Rig, than doing what I knew was right,” seeing his eyes fill with tears, with his scrambling to wipe them, what a horrid place of perverted married lust had fashioned, and so much of what could be good, this damning plague of it of chaotic ruin. “So you can say that article, blood farmers,  from the Paris globe, Tristian Allen and all, you just don’t know Rig, how I thank God, for yours letters, and that article, none of this, you , little henry, this aqua juttah, would be possible, and that is why Branch Vincent was thanking me. I’ll probably hang in the game room with Darius them, ok, ok, see you later there sleepy head, yeah, I love you so much, and I Preecest Regan Central McPhearson, you.”                             
          And The Waters Prevailed Exceedingly Upon The Earth
                                              Scene XXVIII
     "So what do you son really remember? It's all fragmented, like I told Tenny, ah Caddy and I ascended, we visited the throne of heaven, and soon its vast regions, that heaven is a city, filled with homes, and a divine society of people, waiting just like the earthbound, for the day that seventh trumpet will sound, and all earthbound rebellion will be finished, and that for a thousand years, then to follow this New Jerusalem planted into a now made new mankind, heaven and earth.  All pops, because we now, all of us, heavens host all, have a God who put on flesh and endures a cross for the man who once was lost. I’ve heard it said by Maaseiah, that this possibly what the mutiny and wars were about, even this never ending earthbound Jihad, A supreme Elohim, wanting a more incarnate existence, just father pause and think about that, ____wow son, how amazing grace is that? So the next you knew, you was waking in a casket, since there was so many dead, it is said, they didn’t do regular embalming, not that, that father, would’ve prevented holy spirits, that it is just one of those things you don’t have to consider. I know mom what you’re thinking, wondering, just look at it as though she’d served her purpose, you think these two would’ve ever meet, let alone married? They are Caddy, she is them, they now represent her earthbound existence, and she their spiritual, it’s actually, they are, there waiting for us." Maaseih said the last she visited there, that she had Holy Spirits, well heavens host to tell her, how they can't wait to join us here, on earth, I now, that's really something. I heard her speak of the latest, said she awaken from a dream whereas she'd been in the midst of a divine roll, call, that every time a name was called, it would rise up from the book of life, and fitter and float into the space away, that as she return, all she could hear was the lyrics, "we exhale thee," playing in her head continuously.  I just want to say, the things they're showing her are so beyond the great gathering, and I'm talking like years beyond." So who is she really, I'm sorry pops, I dare not say, I've heard it said, that she's the Bride manifested in the flesh, that is why they place so much trust in her. I guess I'll meet her someday, here, or there, right? I know she's one busy person, she work in New York, but has a monthly class in France, Paris, that it's really something. Presented the class recently, how self is to be pound into the dust, like a seed, how only then can it reproduce as prosperous as Jesus, wow I like that, yeah, had the class to demonstrate tossing self, under their feet into dust, whose fan is then in Jesus' hand, wow Ctentri man, wow!"          

And All The High Hills, That Where Under The Whole Heavens, Where Covered
                                                         Scene XXIX
     “I'm, are ” suddenly cast into this stage of awe, not only was Regan Central alert, up, she was packing, this shock and awe “we going somewhere? I'm leaving,” as one hastily gathering her things, even his things, no question, her mind was made. “Darius has already called for transport, the Juttah Heir, I want to see my brothers, my parents, even Phearce my friends, and I know you do too.  So you coming? Of course Rig I go where you go, remember? I've already started packing your things, I can't wait to see Celeste, Rome, …but we will be back, right, Rig? It is best, a miracle no less, …of course, a month or so, that's way than enough time to say goodbyes, right? We can't tell anyone, the Aqua Juttah decides that, right Rig? I know you gonna want to tell her, even Rome, but you can only warn them to get out, to get out of America. To get to New Africa and the first thing Phearce she'll ask is what about us? I know, but there is nothing else, you will think of something to tell her, I know you, you always do.  “Knock, knock, your transport will be here in about thirty, so we got to go, it takes about 15 to get top side, these are your alerters, once activated you guys have three days, no more, there will be a roll call, and the Aqua Juttah is off on its long anticipated mission. It works as a player, so it causes no suspicion, or explanation, keep it with you always,  …great, thanks,   …ok, so mom is going to hate she missed you, but I told her a month and you're back here, right? Right, …Rig, Darius is wondering what to tell her family, her friends? Ah that’s easy, to obey, to obey Him, their first ever love, this is a beast nation, world actually, first outreach, now Rig we're to escape, come out of her chants Elohim from heaven, remember. Western civilization is nothing than a modem day towel of Babel, it's Mystery Babylon, so tell those you love to run, get out of this country. Easier said than done, well easier once the believers are out of here, nothing of its mounting difficulties will be tolerable by then. Thanks for this,” what actually look like very extravagant beepers, just another of their skillful designs, Regan and husband Phearce both had one.  “Those are just to prove I trust you, both of you, so come, the Heir Juttah await, let me warn you, you're going to feel a bit jittery, both of you. Almost like one in withdrawal, having been underwater, perhaps even a little nauseated, just sip, sip away at it and it passes just like that.  Ah my God, Bristol, …Regan, Phearce, I was told you guys were here,” arriving just as they were fitted to leave, was a happy go lucky, yes, stunning Bristol, being escorted on the arms by a stunning as herself gentleman, “and you too Phearce, ah, I just got word you’re leaving so disappointing,  …yeah but only for the length of a month, which is no time at all.  I, I know, off so say goodbye to family and friends personally, ah, speaking of family, this is my husband,  your husband? Ok, my newly wedded, webbed even if you Rig like, Coten Mitchell, Coten honey this is Regan Central, yes, Herenton’s fiancé he talked so much about, well, ex. …and this Coten is my husband Phearce, yes, yes, I know who you are, anchor of all of Meterology, I always wanted to be one,  …ah I see, well blessed flight and god-speed all, you two as well, happy honeymoon on the grandest escape in the world, wow Preecest Regan, that make me feel so pleased, good, you deserve it, all Heir Juttah do.  Wow how handsome is he? Staggering to stammering it would seem, ah I wasn’t that obvious, ah, but you were, I thought he was going to have to ask or beg for his hand back,  …cute, so where to first? The closest I would think, so home to see my family in Richmond, and Rig off to New York, to see your brothers, Celeste and Rome, are you still uncomfortable around him? Some I will admit, but better since I went under and remember what really, happy, he saved me, would’ve saved Herenton, well, if, well you know, yeah you seeing him enter the Juttah and all. You do know I didn’t ask to see that, any of it, it just started happening, …I know, I know, I’m sorry, don’t apologize,  ….they shouldn’t hesitate, get their paperwork together and get out of here, I’m just practicing what to tell them, it’ll work out, it’ll be ok.  Well I guess I understand waking from my sleep years ago lamenting, one thing, “we will build an ark,” around the same time, mother was dreaming of children swimming with fishes, and brother Cleft something similar regarding all of them, being in the Aqua Juttah, just made sense of all of it, a great deluge coming,  ...yeah, Maaseiah, Phearce, call it, the breaking of the rainbow covenant, with that pending, an inundation of blood, reaping abominable assault against Christ’s Cross, yeah and like Darius said, who want to be here for that. I believe Darius was right," as one looking to swallow, even burp, and wish, pray her troubled stomach away, “I think I’m going to be, sick,” seeing her scuffle and toss up, out of her seat away, with him following close, rying to get to the get to the restroom before too late, and he not wanting to let her out of his sight.  “I’m right here babe if you need me,” calling from behind a closed, door, where everything had grown eerily silent for someone being sick.  Hey babe, …babe, now you know you can’t be leaving, be raptured without me, this is not that left behind movie disaster.  I’m still here, wouldn’t leave you even though I’m powerless, Jesus’ Sheep of every kingdom, nation, tongue, tribe, and people will hear his voice, and be glorified even as they rise up to Him, nothing to prevent those born again, that simple and phenomena, now go back to your seat, and leave me, I’m fine, make sure you’re secure, the seat-belt light is on, they’re descending Rig, reading to land.                              
       And The Waters Prevailed Upon The Earth An Hundred And Fifty Days
                                                          Scene XXX
          "I don’t think I want to go,” blinking back stinging tears at the stylish limo getting them back to the marina, to her promise, to return within a month. “I’m right here Rig, so is little Henry, we’re both to help you through this. So what about your separation anxiety, friends and loved ones Phearce we may never see again? As long Rig as they’re rooted in Jesus, nothing will prevent us from being together again, that my love is what you should remember. Seriously Rig, have you even considered how long to what inconceivable degree of trials and tribulations the saints in heaven and their mountains and oceans of blood has called and cried for this, this divine finale of all divinely prophetic things.”  You’re talking about the purpose for showing John the saints under the throne, lamenting their blood be avenged by God, the Father? Yes Rig, they were all given white robes,  …yes and it was Phearce said unto them to wait a little while, ____I feel Rig until this hour we’re speeding through and toward right now, the Heir Juttah, the Aqua Juttah, unto the Juttah Septennial, all, such revelation. For despite where we are, his anointed will hear his voice, and with the speed as the twinkle of one's eye, rise, and rise and rise to Him, …forever Phearce with him. You should’ve seen Celeste face, when I told her, sell all that she and Rome had and get out of all lands having western civilization brand, for God had turn His great wrath against them, and the born again unto the sounding of the last trumpet were to get themselves out of it, and even like that forewarn of Lot’s wife, don’t even look back at all.  I know, they both thought you crazy and went and did exactly as you said, yeah now she’s, they’re  there waiting for us, mom and dad too I guess, man they had so many questions.  Questions Rig, like mine, if they were sincere to her heart, they already knew the answers too, world nation would continue to stand, only if Elohim from Genesis to Revelation, change His mind. It’s all predestined, there is no undoing any of it, it's way all elements on this earth, with the exception of rebellious man are under a direct command of it, of God’s Will, Promises and Prophecies, ..yeah, and the nations are angry, says the sounding of the seventh trumpet angel of it.”     >>>"You have a son, Tyson wells the second, you sure about that name, I am positive Mr., now you get used to it, you have passed your name down to your first ever son. He is so amazing, these little toes, fingers, hard to believe we were ever this small, while we were, we all at one time, were. So you ready for company, before their leaning and rubber necking break the doors down, I am. Let them all in, to see the next generation of godmen, that will actually grow up in the eternal Kingdom Age now reign as soon as Christ’s Millennium is finished making the heavens and earth new to receiving it’s New Jerusalem.  Everybody come, come, every, ok, ok, grand parents first, them aunts and uncles, then cousins and friends, how that sound? Perfect, as perfect as this boy right here."     >>>"At least a dozen of the Aqua Juttah's are in use, seen only as grand cruise ships, most of it's guess oblivious of their shifting, transforming ability, I'm, wha, what are you telling me? Showing herself mightily alert by this revelation, this incredible mission, well on it's way for years now.  "That Rig they've been in use, and been transporting people into the Juttah since 2012 , ___since," seeing her daring eyes are to fill with the reveal of this testimony, even this shock and awe, "since 2012? Yes, since the Nupial went under those attacks doing the young Preece and Preccest 2012, marriage ceremony, we knew it was time, and being ready, we Rig didn't hesitate, we've evacuated five million since then. "Five million!" Literally tickled in her response, at plucking new tears away into a stand, back to this seeming priceless aquarium all around her bedroom, unless she closed the blind and drapes away from it all.  "I can't tell you Darius how knowing this give me such a relief, why is that? Blessed assurance, Rig, what Darius is telling us, is to fill the heart with a manner of divine reliance, that we're not arriving a Juttah uninhabited, but on it's way of it's glorious intention, regardless of what we think or say. I saw him, Darius, ___I am, of sorry, you saw? I saw him, Herenton, I witness him enter the Juttah, and what you just told me, help me to make better sense of it.  So you're telling me Rig, he's there? Spinning gleaming  tears along that priceless smile of  his, I guess this for him manner of blessed assurance, ____I witness, even listen as he declared himself now a son of the Christ, King, and heir to the African Juttah because of it, completely Darius unlike the Herenton I knew, but it was him, that I knew.  Ah my Jesus is God, that, that is so amazing,  ah, I'm going to tell you guys goodnight, we launch what remain of Aqua Juttah in 17. 7 hours," as one moving closer into that exit, at looking into an available as this countdown of a reveal, making this his exit, into the busiest hours of his life, of their lives actually, "goodnight you guys, and sweet sleep, you as well, __wait, I been meaning to ask Rig, whether or not you've visited the Secret garden? I haven't, didn't know about it, it's on the 30th, and you, as so you Phearce would love it, probably should take a blanket, it get really cool at times, good night you guys,   ___you as well, goodnight."       



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